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    Let's Play Morrowind

    god its been so long since ive played morrowind lol. the graphics look sooooo much worse than i remember them being xD
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    Your Name as an Anagram?

    Cameron = romance ;)
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    Mystery And Controversy Surround Slavery The Game

    am i the only one who 'LOLAMOROFLCOPTERD at this? SLAVERY..... the game!!!!!!!!! xD
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    Battlefield 3 Producer Says Sequels Should Take Time

    lol a call of duty put-down
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    Poll: Are you religious?

    >_> <_< i am.....!
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    Why is Your Hair the Way it is?

    male, hair colour is black and its kept short and parted i like to keep a clean look lol
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    Anonymous to Close Down Facebook on November 5th. Thoughts?

    on my birthday... :( i was really looking forward to everyone wishing me happy birthday to raise my self esteem lolololllolololol
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    Escapistians: Whats one thing you don't like about yourself physically?

    most peoples noses are shaped like > at the tip kinda, the bottom of mine droops down a bit, im the only person ive ever seen who has one :( lol
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    30,000 Users Cut From Dating Site Because They Were "Ugly"

    LOL is this for real? xD thats too funny! i wonder if im beautiful enough to join the site :p
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    Osama Bin Laden Celebrations labelled "Disguisting"

    i guess you can view him as this generations hitler or whatever, but i dont care there celebreating, im always down to par-tay!!
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    Anonymous is targeting Iran next!

    iran has computers?!?! lol jk but to be honest this seems like a waste of time and breath
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    So What did you think about the Royal Wedding

    i loved it! the chorus signing after every prayer and such got annoying though lol
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    The Royal wedding.. Any thoughts?

    i actualy am excited to see it!
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    Poll: Do you like the (British) royal family?

    i think its great to keep tradition going!