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    Hey 4chan? Can we talk briefly?

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking any forum is a monolith. 4chan is just a collection of anonymous people. There's no central guiding ideology. Without usernames, there's no guarantee that a single person from that thread contributed to TFYC, you could be dealing with two completely different...
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    The Game...That Made You A Gamer.

    Nethack, and almost two decades later I still haven't completed it.
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    Poll: What is your opinion of the acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft?

    Honestly Minecraft is one game that I can only see benefitting from Microsoft takeover. The game under Mojang was plagued with lethargic and low-quality updates. It would be really, really hard to ruin the core system and it lends itself well to bells and whistles. This is just on game...