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    No WTFast, You Can't Bribe Customers For Positive Steam Reviews

    WTFast and it's ilk are -supposed- to redirect your traffic through their web servers. While this does take slightly longer than it normally would, it means that your bypassing the standard web server infrastructure. Infrastructure that can be horrifically clogged and unusable for gaming because...
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    Charlie Booker to Jon Snow on videos games as a medium

    Not at all surprising really, Charlie is of the age where he would have grown up with the earliest consoles and even back then players could see the appeal and longevity of the medium.
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    The most awful thing you've ever actually done to someone during online play

    Hitting on little boys playing Call of Duty. No wait, it shut the little buggers up so it was a good thing.
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    Star Trek: would you call it white washing? (SPOILERS)

    They can't even pull the alternate universe excuse on this one, the changing point is way after Khan is ever born.
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    Videogame characters that you disliked initially, but warmed up to later

    Adam Jenson. The voice really did not agree with me at first, like a cross between Neo and Nolan's Batman. But playing through the game, getting a feel for the character and experiencing a wider range of emotions, and thus different voice work than gitty moping, really made me take a shine to...
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    ZombiU Review

    And those reviewers are morons. This is clearly a survival horror game. The main focus is to survive above all else. By making even the weakness mook enemy a legitmate threat, you keep the player in a constant state of tension and awareness. From what I've heard, taking on 1 zombie is fine. 2...
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    Justice League movie to shoot next year and aims for a summer 2015 release

    Nolan is instantly out. He's already stated he doesn't want Superman or the more fantastical people in Batman's rogues gallery in his films. His style may work for Batman, but not for other members of the JL.
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    What you find annoying in Fallout New Vegas.

    Except you'd carry buttloads into those DLC due to them being weightless.
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    So, i've been hearing things about Guild Wars 2...

    Trenchcoats, bombs, grenades, turrets. And if you picked an Asura you'd have your own personal golems. Including a controllable robot suit.
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    Skyrim - using no magic / only magic

    I did something in the College of Winterhold, i think it was a sidequest to find anomalies and ended up getting a massive, MASSIVE regen boost to my magicka. I wasn't specced for anything of the sort and ended up being able to channel Healing and still gain mana. Only lasted a while though :<
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    Poll: Would you play Deus Ex Human Revolution if it started Adriana Jensen instead of Adam Jensen?

    Just modelswap Jensen for a custom female one. Yes it'll still have the Adam Jenson voice, but... it's the Adam Jensen voice.
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    Ultima Online Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

    What's a Paladin?
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    Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review

    Captcha + NoScript = Doublepost.
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    Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review

    Your lack of the PC copy leads me to believe you are not aware of Humble Indie Bundles. You should become aware, for they are most awesome.
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    Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review

    I'm assuming this was recently released on PSN, hence the puzzlement at a review being released long after the game released on mobile and PC's. What's different from the PC version?