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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here

    Here for my super shotgun. I mean my badge. Do we get a shotgun?
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    Overwatch Promotes Bad Game Design

    Oh my. Oh my my my. This post and its "reasoning" is absolutely laughable. Let's break it down [], shall we? You mean just like TF2? Oh my god! Shock! Going F2P has absolutely nothing...
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    ME: Andromeda: A Postmortem

    Having recently finished Andromeda, this is how I sum it up: Mass Effect: Andromeda is like Mass Effect, but better. It's everything that ME1 wanted to, but couldn't, be due to time and technical limitations (inb4 Mordin talking about limitations). It is the vast, open planet exploration...
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    Square Enix Confirms: No KH3, FF7 Remake This Year

    Sooo... they're not releasing the most sought-after and hotly anticipated remake in gaming history, on the original game's 20th anniversary? ... Were they born this fucking stupid, or are they just really gifted amateurs?
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    Moments where you go, "WAIT, WHAT IN THE FUCK!?"

    Not me, it was my dad that heard this on the bus home from work one day, but it had the same effect on me when he related it, as it did on him when he heard it. So he's sat on the upper deck of the bus, minding his own business, when he overhears these two young lads, maybe 12 or so...
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    (2016 Discussion) Mass Effect 2

    Don't forget the absolutely stellar soundtrack, too. By far and away, the best music in the entire trilogy. > Acquire Gibbed's ME2 Save Editor > Load up save of your choice > Edit resource amounts > Save edited save file > Open game, load save > Never have to probe again Feels...
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    Issues Arise During Beta Code Distribution for Gears of War 4

    Microsoft screwing up another code-drop? Say it ain't so. Still waiting on mine.
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    New Code of Conduct

    That would be a damn shame, since he just posted one recently. Almost had me, too, the clever sod.
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    New Code of Conduct

    We have a "Forums Games" forum? *goes off and checks* Well, stick me in a dress and call me Sally, so we do. How long has that been there? Just for the sake of clarity: A Spider-Man thread is a thread dedicated solely to posting 60's Spider-Man memes. Daystar's food threads were him...
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    New Code of Conduct

    Does this mean we can make Spider-Man threads in Off Topic again? Or threads like Daystar's food threads? Or "Escapist is drowning" style threads? 'Cos, come on, those were pretty fun things.
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    REPORT: Electronic Arts Announces Episodic Format for All Games

    I groaned out loud when I saw the headline. Then I started reading and thought 'Something's not right, here'. Then I got to "Uncle Bob's racist rants against Obama" and I thought 'Wait a second, I've seen something like this before'. I looked to the left. I muttered "Goddammit" out loud...
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    Gears of War 4 Release Date Pushed... Forward?

    Huh. I shall remain cautiously optimistic. Sooner is good, I like sooner, but I don't like buggy heaps of trash. The real questions are: Will they have fixed the horrible lag and tickrate issues? And have they managed to stop people with shitty ping from half a planet away connecting to your...
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    The Gamefaqs community have voted Undertale as the greatest game of all time

    That actually would have been pretty funny. I wouldn't even have been mad, that's pretty good. It's okay, you can swear on the internet, we won't tell your mother. :P
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    The Gamefaqs community have voted Undertale as the greatest game of all time

    While fun to observe (and yes, I voted for Undertale), the entire poll can basically be described as follows. GFAQs: Salt. More salt. Even more salt. Salt on top of salt. Mountains of salt. Salt unto the end of time. Deep fried salt. Salt with a side of salt, with extra salt. Concentrated...
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    Poll: MythBusters: 23/01/2003 - 11/11/2015

    Not sure, but Adam Savage has posted some stuff on Imgur, including a "Going Away" montage. I think they were just done after so many years.