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    If you shared a meal with the above avatar...

    Well I'm not gonna eat all of it. As long as we're sharin, I dont mind.
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    If you shared a meal with the above avatar...

    ...Probably some greens.
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    Describe your favorite pokemon in 7 words or less without naming it.

    I'll start. Giant fluffy rodent tube sock.
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    give a present to the above avatar

    Ah. I needed that. Danka. Also, a repairmason.
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    give a present to the above avatar

    Armor polish.
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    Homestar Runner Updates For The First Time in Four Years

    OMG THERE IS A GOD! No. HALF LIFE 3 COMFIRMED! No. FIREFLY SEASON2- NO! There's only one thing this means... One thing alone Is that there is still a group of guys out there...who remember what they've done...and still very much love it and hold it dear to their heart. It was only...
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    Feed Dump: Your Porn Isn't Canadian Enough

    *Climbs into my bed and cries since I live in Oklahoma and they made fun of it* ;~;... But Honestly, people can be that dumb.
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    Artist's Lady Knights Series Creates Diverse Women Warriors

    I actually saw this Lady Knight character generator and I threw my hat into this! [/spoiler]
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    Feed Dump: The Black Santa Xmas Special

    Thank you for posting this. I would have been very upset if no one did.
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Would I date a ponified version of a character I created that is supposed to be what I call "an ink wolf" that is also my persona? Take a wild guess. Think of the letter N.
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    Feed Dump: Drugs, Mayors and Garbage

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    Fallout 4 Teaser Site Heats Up With Nuclear Winter

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter. ... Mother F---
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    Feed Dump: The High Speed Bigfoot Mishap

    I would know if Oklahoma was a Sasquatches home, I've rumped through the place all years.
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    Amaterasu. MOTHER TO EVERTHING AND THE SUN ITSELF. The grand divine of all gods and goddesses... Is a wolf. And thats why I like Okami. On topic: Gimme a game where you play as a grannie who's decided that she's done living for everythin and goes to reap judgement on villans. Men...