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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    I personally find Whitney Cummings and Sarah Silverman hilarious. Here are a few clips of both of them doing stand up, in case your post is motivated by a sincere desire to find some funny female comedians:
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    Sick of the Duke Nuke 'Em hype

    Am I the only one who is not excited for this game what so ever? If anything, This game is more of a step back than forward. (IMO) It's just feeding the stereotype of what most people think a gamer is. I get that it's supposed to be a joke, but, I'm not laughing. I'm wondering why games like...
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    Curious about the music industry? Find out stuff.

    As an artist who happens to be Christian, How often does religion clash with the industry when it comes to lyrical/visual content? And how are compromises made?
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    A video my friend made when he was bored at work. What do ye think eth?

    There isn't much back story or context I can put to it other than there is huge chunks of crap behind where my friend works. The rest is for you to find out in this epic adventure ...
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    Emotionally draining games

    Fallout 3: There was a time where I was just patrolling the Wasteland looking for offbeat quests to do. I picked up a radio signal on my Pipboy, I opened it up and played the message (It played on loop) And the guy on it said, "If anyone can hear this, this is Bob Anderstein . My family and I...
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    The undefeated video game Boss

    ... Final Fantasy 12 Hell Wyrm/Yizimat. Freaking Impossible! I'm not spending 12 hours on one boss fight! ... Garbage.
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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    I feel like she tries too hard.
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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    Kristen Schaal is pretty funny, I'll give you that. I saw her on The Daily Show, And Bob's Burgers, Hilarious!
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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    ... I have. Lisa Lampanelli, Vagina Monologues, Sarah Silverman, Whoopie Golderberg ( I was desperate at that point) And a few others that I can't remember the names of. All not that funny, Sarah Silverman was alright I guess ... But she old after a little while.
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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    Seriously, I've yet to see one funny female comedian. I don't mean to sound sexist but, It's like they try too hard to compete with they're male counter part. Again, Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist it's just the impression I get.
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    ... Minecraft what's the point?

    I've been playing Minecraft, And I love it. It's a super fun and creative game. My issue with it comes from ... well ... there being no point. There is no reason to do anything. Yeah, I could make a huge satanic skull out of a mountain of lava, But who cares? Whose going to see it? And if...
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    Cowboy Bebop ... Trigun ... Vampire Hunter D movies.
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    Your emotional video game music? This one? It's the song that plays after you kill Dutch.
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    Your emotional video game music?

    ... You know what I mean. Hell, I'm sure you already had your top five thought out before I even posted this. (But for those who elude my prophetic vision) What music from a video game really tugs on your heart strings? Could be anything from nostalgia, to a good story, or a cataclysmic...
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    Ever been trolled by a single player game/campaign ?

    Hahaha! Something similar happened to me, I was in Megaton at that restaurant outside and instead of sitting down in a chair, I stole a cup of noodles ... whole town is like "U BASTARD!" And kills me. Mind you, I was like level 2, So I had nothing.