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    So apparently Kermit the frog has a new GF

    Natalie Dormer is the name you're looking for! (AKA "That Smirking Whore from Highgarden")
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    Poll: Monster Musume Girls!

    I was happy just lurking around occasionally, but since you just had to pull up best girl, I'm obliged to give you my support in enlightening the world. With Rachnea being second best. Polt's pretty fun too though... Hmmm...
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    Magic Origins: Designing the Swan Song of Core Sets

    An interview! Thanks for that, it was quite informative. Still, you should have tried to pry out information on zendi fetches :P
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    Zero Punctuation: Alone in the Dark: Illumination - Like Left 4 Dead But...

    Have you been reading Snicket? It sounds like you have!
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    Does This Magic Origins Preview Card Mean the Return of Elves?

    Well, admittedly, you could probably built a Knights Tribal deck... it'd just be expensive as hell and the mana-base would make you cry. And at least elves aren't as irksome as Merfolk... Stupid islandwalking bastards. But yeah, more cheap dragons and 1/2 drop minotaurs please! And I could...
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    Recommend me a good PS2 game

    The PS2 Ace Combat games (4/5/0) are good ones if you want fun stories and don't mind being a pilot. There's also The Bard's Tale, which is a hilarious RPG that takes the piss out of the genre.
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    Videogame bars that you love

    The Prancing Pony holds quite the reputation I hear. Back in ye olden days of LotRO, there was almost always something going on there, even on the non-RP servers.
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    Wargaming Kicks Tank Porn Up a Notch for World of Tanks on Xbox One

    Eh, it's only a grindfest if you make it one, since contrary to popular belief among the newbies, getting to tier 10 doesn't actually change anything other than your ability to participate in clan wars and gaining the ability to play a specific tank if you so desire. And if you're participating...
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    Heroes of the Storm Review - Totally Not A MOBA

    Why would you bother memorizing the items when you can just hover the mouse over them and they tell you exactly what they do and are sorted in the shop by what stats they give? As for unlocking of new heroes, I'm sure it's fine now when they need so many games to unlock one, there's only about...
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    Heroes of the Storm Review - Totally Not A MOBA

    So... What you're telling me is that if bot lane feeds stupidly hard, I'll end up at a disadvantage even though I wasn't losing my lane? I guess the 20 minute length is a plus there. Comebacks are also a thing in LoL, though I don't know about DOTA2, they just aren't easy, as they shouldn't...
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    Modern Masters 2015 Draft Themes

    I can agree with that, but the thing is they put it at rare so that they wouldn't show up too much in drafts.
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    Poll: Best-looking Avenger

    Did that scene catch your attention before or after he ripped one apart with his bare hands? As a guy... Fuck if I know, I'm just going to say Hawkeye, cause of all those muscles that bow works.
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    Modern Masters 2015 Draft Themes

    It's a bit off topic, but have you ever thought about doing a deck building challenge for one of these, and picking out your favorite brews and talking about them?
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    Modern Masters 2015 Draft Themes

    One with Nothing is actually great for Delve/Grave Recursion strategies... Keep a 1 land hand, that, and all of those fun creature cards. Then you get rid of all of those things and proceed to top deck you're way to victory!
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    Modern Masters 2015 Draft Themes

    I'd take you're luck, lol, since out of the 5 or so I've opened, that was the only one that was value.