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    Disney Hands Star Wars: Episode VII to the Writer of Toy Story 3

    At last a good writer steps into the series... :P The big issue for me is: WHICH GENERATION will the new movies be targetted to? THE 10 year olds...? soooo Disney can sell also MORE "happy meals" with its merchandise? Or we can expect "some" level of maturity in the stories and...
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    Zombies Are Better Than Vampires

    Vampires will always be COOL, if done right. Zombies only appeal to the braindead/popcorny masses. But aside from that, FUCK this prehistoric topic... you guys must DO A CLIP or SMTHG about Disney buying LucasArts and preparing STAR WARS EpVII for 2015 (true story)...
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    CD Projekt Admits Writing Letters to Pirates Doesn't Help

    Well, the Escapist's "contributor" really only posted THE LEAST interesting part of the interview by PCGamer, which included very neat details abouot the Cyberpunk 2077 working title...
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    Dragon Age 3 May Be BioWare's Biggest Game Yet

    I agree wholeheartedly... "Operation Hyping it up" is under way. There is no way at all that I would consider buying this before reading at least 5 reviews, and watching the game played on Giant Bomb or the first couple of hours done by my favourite Lets Player. Ive been burned...
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    Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Review

    I had issues with the disk version of "The breakout" I bought(to the point that the game didnt even run... :P), but not having issues with the GOG version...
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    CD Projekt Details Cyberpunk 2077

    I have a snip-bit of more information... :P Since a fan has been translating some Polish interviews... 1) "CYBERPUNK: 2077" will be a close continuation to the 2020 setting (so they will skip the V3 version). Everything that you can find in 2020; handbooks, the game mechanics, the...
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    CD Projekt Details Cyberpunk 2077

    There are TWO sites, one is managed by Pondsmith, the other by CDPRed; they both share the same articles.
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    CD Projekt Details Cyberpunk 2077

    Actually, she is most probably meant to be Alt Cunningham, an iconic "netrunner" from the original game, that was treacherously killed by the evil corporation Araska (sorry, spoilers :P). Later, her "digital ghost" was able to break free into the net... Some of us think that they are bringing...
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    Cool that so forth its only very positive reactions here. :) ONE VERY COOL POSIBLE CLUE Some of the fans have gone through the teaser trailer that was shown, and Ive noticed that at some point, around "frame 47", there is a cyborg-hand with red painted nails... That can be interpreted it...
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    Soo... Since the Escapist news crew havent posted anything about it YET, I'll post a summary of their conference today, in Warsaw, announcing among other things, some new details about their Cyberpunk game (still in early development). 1) GOG Presentation in charge of Gillaume, head of GOG...
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    Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Review

    I would recommend getting it on GOG, which on top of being without DRM (and letting you make an infinite number of back-up copies for safe-keeping) brings the first game; "Edna & Harvey: The breakout". Both games for less than US$20 is a bargain....
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    Trailers: Dishonored: Tales from Dunwall - Chapter 1: The Awakening

    You're sooo right, KingGolem, making Oil our basic source of energy has worked out fine for us, for example... not mentioning the side effects of nuclear energy... :P
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    Dishonored Enters "The Mind of Madness"

    I bet Dunwall would be a far better place if you could get a natural Mayonnaise sandwich... :P
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    Unskippable: The Witcher 2, Part One

    I guess it's really difficult to make a joke worth a damn, when the trailer is so AWESOME... Nice try, though. :) The joke about the D&D wizards was cool. :P