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    EA Changes Origin Terms of Services, Forbids Class Action Lawsuits

    Aye, for once the EU comes through for us!
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    Skyrim Gets 15 Rating in UK

    Very very true, and if you had read the above statement correctly, before all this had taken off, you would have seen mad825 had mentioned if it had beastiality, it would have never gotten past the BBFC in the first place. But on topic, yeah, it was 15 before, its 15 now - So, really, a...
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    Open Letter to Duke Nukem PR

    I love how this reply is ripe in sarcasm, and dripping in a totally, well needed, retort. It lets me know, no matter what, the escapist has solid journalistic integrity
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    Daily Drop: Daily Drop: Behind the Scenes

    That poor, poor vac...god, it was like a sicnece experiment gone horribly, hroribly wrong lol Also...Epic Slap-ness
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    Feed Dump: Tigers and Sheep

    Yay! Weekly Channelling of the spirit of Phailhaus! ...I am content ;D
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    Daily Drop: Pudding Condom

    That was so Kathleen that thought of that, wasnt it? I was so surprised though...but, Cinder Blook took care of that!
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    A Capella Group Performs Portal 2 Opera

    That is awesome! Love it - The woman sounds almost exactly the same. I am so glad people recognise this song - I wish it had been longer!
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    Microsoft Buys Skype

    I love how so many people are like "OMG Delete skype account" - We dont even know what MS is going to do with Skype yet, the end user on PC might not even feel a difference, at all. Ill still keep using skype, as, really, it does its job, and will continue to its job, just in more places.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Back It Up

    Dale, as always, owns any scene which he is in! "Your Soul!"
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    Daily Drop: Ted the Cat

    Hilarious! I loved it...and nice one Alex! Cute kitty was cute!
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    Miracle of Sound: Wheatley's Song (Portal 2)

    Agree with Susan! Fantastic, catchy, and funny - Another hit! :D Also, I think you nailed the accent, and it only added much awesome to an already awesome song!
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    Daily Drop: Television

    Jesus! That thing just dosnt know how to die! lmao @ Cinder Block!
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    Steam Boss Blasts Idea of Digital Sales Charts

    As a Data Analyst, I really cant see much sense in what he is saying. I work in an industry, which requires us to look at not just out own big picture, but those around us in the same business too (Which is Insurance) You need both internal, and external data in order to plan profitability...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Cash Cats

    Cute kitties are cuuuute! ;D Also, was that the real landlord as well? Epic CH! "I broke the shaft!"
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    Miracle of Sound: Necromorph Soup

    I love how catchy it is! Awesome! Again your talent is epic!