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    7 Ways Assassin's Creed Origins Is Changing For The Better

    So for the most part they just made AC blander by making it more like Far Cry? Swell. And what's up with that giant snake anyway? Are they trying to out God of War God of War?
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    Hacker Gets The Fabled "Nintendo PlayStation" Working

    Wait wait wait... people are making games for a decades old prototype game console? Why?
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    EA: Uh oh. We fucked up another one. Better hurry up and gut what's left of the development team before we inevitably shut the studio down entirely. Wonder why this keeps happening... Ah well, no time to be introspective. Gotta keep repeatedly making the same dumb mistakes we've been making for...
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    Remaster the Master EDIT: Also, it was really hard not use THAT word. >.> Now I finally understand the feels when other people do it.
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield 1

    Is it ironic that this video that shits on BF1 does so while literally simultaneously being strangled by BF1 ads?
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    Battleborn vs. Overwatch - What's the difference?

    No mention of that even worse than Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens: Colonial Marines game that Gearbox made? At least with DNF they have the excuse that a fed up publisher handed them over a decade's worth of scrapes of a game and no doubt said, "please, just do ANYTHING with this." That Aliens game...
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    The Wackiest Anime Ever, Part 1

    Dead Leaves leans more toward "insane while still 'mostly' coherent". I love me some Magical Shopping Arcade though. Happened to watch a blooper reel for the dub on my totally legally obtained copy. Was even funnier than the show. Also, Monster Musume is pretty wacky and actually a good show...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    Yahtzee was so bored he didn't even talk about the bugs or the god-awful performance on the PC. I guess maybe he just thinks Ubisoft games playing like it's still in beta or even alpha testing just goes without saying.
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    Zero Punctuation: Devil's Third

    I hate when people post the exact words I wanted to type. Um.... Yeah.
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    Dragon Age RPG Core Book Review - You Won't Be Disappointed

    Yes, but can we RIDE the dragons?
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    Zero Punctuation: The Order: 1886 - Steampunk Modern Warfare

    Ah, yes, the blood bath that was Furcon 1886.
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    StarCraft 2 Tournament Boots Player for Rape Comment

    Wait wait wait, stop. I see an article about rape and it ends up talking almost exclusively about sexism? You ARE aware men can be raped, too, right? EDIT: And if off color comments are enough to keep women out of esports, that doesn't speak very highly of women now does it? I mean, it was...
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    Unskippable: One Piece: Unlimited World Red - The Seven Seas Got Weird

    True facts. And I thought that one episode of Gurren Lagann was sad (you know the one... ones). It's kinda amazing that the depth of the characters maybe directly proportional to the wackiness of their designs. At it's core, One Piece is about a guy with stretchy arms and a bunch of weirdos...
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    Here's What 10,000 League of Legends Games Look Like in 30 Seconds

    Hah ha ha heh. Riiiight. *goes back to playing to playing LoL's cooler, older brother*