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    Zero Punctuation: The Surge

    Great commentary video post thank you! Take my picture "smack my glitch up" good one : ) It is 2017 yet devs still cant be bothered to have error detection with clipped terrain geometry. In games like this a role back to a quick save would be good as it preserves the players sense of hard...
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    Endless Space 2 Review - Ad Infinitum

    A buddy of mine did the early access, I feel it does show some promise. I am glad they are staying with it and created ES2, I consider it a nice beer and pretzels game where you can have a bit of depth without going full on into the grand strategy games.
  3. J Launches Summer Sale - Check Out The Escapist's Picks

    Thanks for the heads up. Yes it is nice to be able to DRM clear games by bringing them over to GOG. : ) Looking back it is amazing how much they have grown, I am very glad they are still going at it, I grabbed a bunch of the May the 4th stuff for Star Wars, hoping I will have time over the...
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    Perfect World and Cryptic Studios Are Making a Magic: the Gathering MMO

    Definitely that and lucky boxes, shifting time windows of buy more buy now and endless promos with amazing, such great savings... Added bonus: Potential classes that may be announced Paypal Paladin, Master Card Mage, Credit Card Warrior that can switch charge card stances for hourly...
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    Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer Welcomes You to Hope, Montana

    Exactly! I mean look at all that Open Space, where is the stealth action happening? Yeah it will be interesting to see where they plan to run with this, hopefully better result than other guy running in the field. Oh, maybe the player works for the phone company and your job is to put up...
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Has an Official Release Date

    Oh nice looking forward to this. I have stayed clear of the early access as I wanted the finer details to be new and fresh. I did watch the GM mode with Matt Mercer, and several streamers as the players, Jesse Cox, Strippin, Dodger etc, I really enjoyed it and was surprised how fast the time...
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    Bandai Namco Officially Announces Code Vein With a Ton of Screenshots

    Looks interesting, based on the screenshots the characters have some kind of rage mode. The art direction looks interesting as well. So many games are coming out : )
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    Saints Row IV Now DRM-Free on GOG, Saints Row 2 Free for 48 Hours

    Woo go GoG! Thanks for the heads up : )
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    New Dawn of War III Dev Diary Shows Off Multiplayer Tactics

    Yeah, I read the review as well. Ah bummer, I really enjoyed the campaigns, adds to the lore and stuff to talk about. I watched the Youtube multiplayer link in the thread here. In my opinion I have found the game to be pretty uninspiring. Will keep it on tracking for the time being to see...
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    New Dawn of War III Dev Diary Shows Off Multiplayer Tactics

    Nice thread everyone : ) Oh table top days, where have you gone... Ok for some fun WH40K audio lines: He who stands with me shall be my brother. Do you hear the voices, too?! Ah so many good ones, and one of my favorites... Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!
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    Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Affordably Aluminum

    Thank you for the review! This keyboard appears to be rather sturdy and I like the clean presentation. I may look into this one as I dearly miss a clean mechanical keyboard for my typing comfort at home. I am currently using an ergo keyboard which allows for more chair time but it lacks the...
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    Platinum Games Wants All of Its Games on PC, But Publishers Say No

    Stunning isn't it? They could make all their money back and more if they released it to PC but I guess that is why the name Nintendon't happened. They do not want any of that filthy PC gamer money, only the purified financial essences filtered through their special sponges they craft. Boing...
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    Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect Andromeda

    Thanks for the video post! Lots of fodder to poke at with this game. I saw one of posts where they downgraded the FemRyder even further after the patch update which makes me wonder exactly what direction they are trying to drive their character development. It will also be interesting to...
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    The Witcher Series Has Passed the 25 Million Sales Barrier

    Definitely good news : ) I can't wait for Cyberpunk, I remember the story and flavor text from the pen and paper game. It is amazing how they nailed it in areas of society and technology based on what has happened so many years later.
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    Terraria: Otherworld is "Well Behind Schedule", Getting a New Developer

    Hmm bummer about the lost development time and yet glad they are sticking to their guns on what their expectations are for Terraria's next release.