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    Will Game of Thrones' finale suffer the same fate as Mass Effect 3's ending?

    As long as Circe lives, Westeros will be divided. She needs to go for the living to have a chance against the walkers.
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    Will Game of Thrones' finale suffer the same fate as Mass Effect 3's ending?

    What I have seen so far indicates a likelihood of GRRM having written himself into a corner not unlike what Bioware did. Whether he can write himself out of it is up for debate, it likely accounts for the slowing pace of his writing though because we are entering Deus ex Machina territory or...
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    Please help an old and starving gamer

    No problem. The Long Dark is one of those games that needs more exposure. I dithered for a while before snapping it up. I'm not very good at it but it had a unique feel to it that is both beautiful and utterly desolate. You'll learn to hate wolves.
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    Please help an old and starving gamer

    You have some FPS and a couple of survival games in your list. Give The Long Dark a Shot. One of the few survival sim type games that doesn't give into the zombie schtick. My game consumption has slowed down due to technical and financial reasons. I might be able to add more ideas later.
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    One Piece Manga Getting An American TV Series

    On one hand they have a bad track record of adapting shit like this, on the other hand maybe, just maybe they can fix the god-awful pacing that has made the anime utterly unwatchable for me. The weirdness and humour that infuses that setting better be present though or there will be blood I'm...
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    The problem with modern action movies

    My biggest beef with some action movies these days is the camera work. Stop hiding your inability to choreograph and shoot a fight scene by shoving the camera right in the stunt man's face and shaking it around. If you can't competently film a fight scene so that the viewer can see what is going...
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    Never Enough "FUCK YOUS" For Bethesda

    I should pop over to their forums and earn a ban by suggesting that if people want a survival game in a frozen wasteland they are better off getting "The Long Dark" instead. Anyway, fuck Bethsoft, their games were always more gimmick than substance to me anyway.
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    A Skip Button for Boss Fights

    *shrug* Why not. As long as it doesn't affect the experience of people who do want the challenge I see no harm here. There is a possibility that some coders might look at this and go "fuck it if people are just going to skip this why should I put my sweat and tears into making it awesome?" My...
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    Hurricane Jose Will be Deported, White House Says

    Honestly, I'm surprised it took this long for Taco's satire to be considered content here. The man is funny and this article is right on the nose, the way good satire should be. Are we really shitting our collective pants over satire now? To be clear it's not the hurricane victims that are being...
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    Windows 10 is Upon Me

    Win 10 is laid out from an end user perspective similar to a bastard hybrid of win 7 and win 8, you should be fine. Feel for your IT team having to constantly stroke it to keep the proper drivers in place of the weird ones Win 10 likes to automatically install. But that is not your problem.
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    Why do ubisoft get hate but rockstar get free pass for releasing same type of games?

    Black Flag was a great pirate game ruined by trying to be an Assassin's Creed game. If someone could mod out all the Assassin's Creed bits from that game I could play it for weeks. Uplay was the first nail in Ubisoft's coffin, AC Unity and its terribad launch was the last. Aside for the ship...
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    It's not ALWAYS "toxic," right?

    I think the key to the equation is empathy. Empathy is something that comes relatively naturally in a face to face scenario. The advent of ancient and modern society depended on it. Speaking as someone in the service industry both face to face and over the phone and internet my entire adult life...
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    IT 2017 reviews are coming out...

    King was clearly writing with this in mind. He really did not have to though. To be honest, him being on a heroin binge is more charitable than me contending he was going for soft core child porn, which by every definition I have read this is. It made sense in context. it making sense in context...
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    IT 2017 reviews are coming out...

    I can only imagine both King and his editor were flying high on the same heroin when that made its way into the manuscript and he has been bending over backwards to justify it since it hit print. It really is an example of something that maybe was not seen as being as bad in the 80s but there...
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    IT 2017 reviews are coming out...

    Watched it yesterday. Read the book several times though it was a while back. I think I'm pretty qualified to weigh in on this both as a movie and as an adaptation. This was an adaptation of the book, and while there were nods here and there to the 1990 mini series that's about the only...