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    The Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari Thread Share Your Codes!

    3738-0680-4547 Electric Britanna in game Helioptile, Electrode, ???? would love to know the third. Added you, looking for abra as well.
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    New Vegas: Does DLC order matter?

    ^This Be very careful who you shoot in the first 5 minutes of Honest Hearts. I spent a couple of confusing, frustrating hours exploring a canyon in which everyone hated me, then left. DLC completed. Also if you have a mod that turns off hp gains from food, turn that off when going into...
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    What is your all time favorite SNES game?

    I have a huge list that is already listed in one post or another. What is left: Super Mario RPG: LotSS Super Gameboy(not a game but a cart that let you play all your GB games up on the big screen.
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    I have discovered Civilization!

    Get the expansions if you don't have them and play to your hearts content. Weeks, months down the line when you feel even a twitch of boredom, looks for free fan made mods. It's a deep rabbit hole of awesome, my personal favorite being Fall From Heaven 2. A fantasy rebuild from the ground up...
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    Your recent experiences ------ in haiku

    Worst Stuffing ever on a day rounded by nights I just want to sleep
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    Thinking of getting into Fallout...

    Good choice getting into Fallout, just pick whatever looks interesting to you and read up on the lore. All the games have flaws and portions of the fanbase that hate them.
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    Portal is Free

    I played a few levels of portal before my Xbox and my orange box were stolen. Now I have TF2 and portal back. 2/3 ain't bad.
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    Which game have you played through the most times?

    To completion? Star Fox 64
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    Bioshock for steam. 8 hours of tweaking and forum crawling later and it still has no sound. Beyond the Beyond(PS1)- From the bargain bin at Block Buster(A store you would go to to rent physical copies of a movie or game.) I'm never going to get that hour/$2 back.
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    Jimquisition: Fight in the Name of Childishness

    It's effective alright, but I don't think I could live in a world where we all sink to Fox News level.
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    What's your pornstar name?

    Pumpkin Ironwood? I'll take it!
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    Poll: Is it me, or does it seem like WoW is getting desperate?

    Blizz hasn't said anything about new expansions yet, the only "faster" thing they are officially trying to put out are the major content patches. 4.1 just release a week or two ago, 4.2 is said to my coming out sooner than normal due to Blizz working on both patches at the same time. If by...
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    Jimquisition: How Sony Can Make it Up To You

    2 things 1) I absolutely despise these rants. 2) I have now watched 3 in a row and I'm going to watch more. Which is the point. As long as people are watching, love it or hate it, he's got a winning formula. Also this episode was a step up and beyond the first two, if this trend...