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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    To me the break-out character was Groot. It was mostly the little moments that made me love him like when he gave the girl the flower and when he released the fireflies.
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    Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Has Lots of Peter Parker, Almost No Spidey

    One thing I really like is that they seem to be putting more emphasis on Peter's intelligence and scientific curiosity. In the scene were he gets bitten by the spider, he gets bitten because he sneaks into a science lab (where Gwen Stacey works) and his curiosity leads him to explore further...
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    Wii U Controller Limitations to Save on Costs, Says Nintendo

    I am greatly disappointed by this decision. "Iwata said, while the Wii U could technically support multiple controllers, it would raise costs quite considerably", maybe they could change this limitation after it comes out with a firmware update.