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    Naruto Finally Comes to an End Next Month

    About damn time. I read it for years but around the time Naruto was being trained by one of the other tailed-beast dudes was training him in a cave or something (I think his name was like Killer Bee or something). The series just kept feeling like nonstop ramping-up of stakes and never had any...
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    Zero Punctuation: Destiny - Always-On Grind

    That is the most accurate synopsis I've seen so far.
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    The Game...That Made You A Gamer.

    Pokemon Silver. Received my cousin's Game Boy Color with that bad boy inside at about age 6, and my personal productivity was just a downward spiral from there.
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    Dammit people there was a youtube series about this <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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    Metal Gear Collection 2014 Teased by Hideo Kojima

    I didn't even know there was a PC port. But alas I'm a Mac user. Which is weird I know since I live and die by Microsoft console product.
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    Metal Gear Collection 2014 Teased by Hideo Kojima

    Unfortunately not. Stuck on Microsoft product because I'm too invested in Halo to switch.
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    Metal Gear Collection 2014 Teased by Hideo Kojima

    If they include MGS1, I'm way way way onboard with this. I bought a PS1 and hunted down a copy just to play it, but the game wont go to disk two so I'm stuck at the end of disk one. Plus I lent my HD collection to a friend and I get the feeling I wont be seeing it again, so access to MGS 2...
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    Destiny Review - World of Chorecraft

    As much as I'm enamored with the game, I can't argue with anything Jim said. I'm most certainly a Halo fanboy, and I was on board from the moment they announced it, but after 10 hours in game and hitting the level cap I think I'm past my hopes for the game and comfortable with what it is...
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Why the hell not. I'm all for a Howard episode.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Lego Movie

    Mine was, by far... What can I say I'm a bionicle nut, and the Bohrok run was the one that showed me just how internally complex these guys could get.
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    Zero Punctuation: Broken Age

    Ad-loop... No new ZP.... Badges are gone... The end is nigh! Repent! Repent!
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    Insomniac Auctioning Autographed Xbox One to Help Injured Artist

    Always glad to see the industry isn't just competition and people taking pot-shots at one another. I'm always down to see people doing some good.
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    Sony Exec Praises Nintendo, Owns Two Wii U's

    "feeling free enough to praise one his direct competitors" Did you perhaps mean "one of his"? OT: Good. There's enough instances of companies shitting on each other. Give some compliments guys.
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    Pokemon X and Y's First Legendary Distribution is Celebi

    Move all my stuff on Black (which all traces back to Ruby through Diamond) to X and Y and get a Celebi in the process? Well Nintendo I was gonna get the Pokebank anyway but thanks for giving me stuff. I appreciate it.
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    Battlefield 4's System Requirements Won't Melt Your PC

    My laptop will run this most certainly... unfortunately Origin is a requirement so I suppose I'll have to pass. I wont be playing Battlefield again until we get a 2142 remake.