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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    Hey, your the one who said it, not me. In the short run all it will do is cost money and in the long run it isn't going to change much. The US does 40% of its manufacturing in metric and the imperial system has been based on the metric system for 120 years already. The market is already moving...
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    Captain America: The Winter Soldier Releases First Official Trailer

    100% stoked. I liked the first one, but when he was in the Avengers...he really didn't DO anything. That disappointed me.
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    What accident was that?
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    It took those countries years to do it, NASA explained that if they changed everything on their schematics to metric it would cost 370 million dollars. Meaning they wouldn't be able to launch space shuttles for the first half of the year. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter one...
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    so...why do you watch it? The US should spend billions of dollars to change our system to metric so you can watch the mythbusters?
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    What's so great about it? Noting especially, other than it helped us to differentiate ourselves when that was an important factor for us. The thing is, the metric system is easier to learn, most Americans can actually deal with that difference (I bet that will surprise our foreign buddies...
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    The modern man and full beards

    ^This I have a beard, I wear flannel, I also work in a hardware store and as far as I'm concerned beards make me a better person. When I don't have a beard I look like a 6'3, 230 pound 12 year old; Nobody believes me when I say I worked on the oil patch in North Dakota, nobody believes me that...
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    Movie Defense Force: Street Fighter

    That last line actually really hurt me.
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    E.A. is destroying the gaming business?

    ^I agree with this^. STEAM admitted when it made mistakes and then changed to refine itself. Origin sucked right off the bat and the customer support, in my humble opinion, has gotten worse. I bought several games via origin and other than being an overbearing piece of shit it's also good at...
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    E.A. is destroying the gaming business?

    While I don't like some of EA's practices you cannot say they are destroying the industry. If the consensus is that they are destroying the industry then how are they the biggest name around? How do they control that massive portion of the dev market? Why do they sell so many games...
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    No More Torture for Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Lol, this is the first thing I thought of too. It reminds me of ET when they re-released it and took out the guns. South Park did a great jab at that where a newscaster announced the re-release of ET without the guns and also "saving private ryan" where they again replaced all the guns with...
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    Movie Defense Force: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    That picture perfectly represents my facial expression after seeing the first Blair Witch. I was 11 and I already wanted to become an alcoholic because of it. Best quote from the first one: "Fuck"
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    Jimquisition: Breaking the Bones of Business

    Entertainment industries are very pro consumer just like any other industry, thats how they make money, that's how companies grow to the size of EA, Square Enix, (whoever makes those farming sim games). Consumers give them money and if the companies cease to be entertaining or they start...
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    Jimquisition: Breaking the Bones of Business

    Well, if its really that offensive to people you could just NOT buy into the game. I got the season pass for Borderlands 2 and I feel like an idiot because whats the point of expansions if you can't level up past 50. So I will just not make that mistake again. Everyone here is capable of NOT...
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    Atari Inc. Files for Bankruptcy

    Sad in a way... But they really didn't keep up with the times. The best game they released in the last 13 years was Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Mele. (AND IT WAS BADASS). Other than that I can't remember any other GOOD or even half good game they released. EDIT* If they are doing it to step...