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    A Beginner's Guide to Dark Souls - 7 Steps to Sucking Less

    I didn't read the above comments because I'm a little pressed for time to write this down before going to bed, but there's an even cheesier way to defeat the armoured boar at Undead Parish, you go towards the spear soldier on the right, just after you cross through the archway and head up the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls

    The game relies on the constant threat of being attacked at any time and one of those threats are other players invading your world to give you a few quick backstabs and then run back to their world with all your humanity. If the game could be paused that system wouldn't work, it's actually a...
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    Is difficulty a serious problem for you in games?

    Depends on the difficulty. If it's Dark Souls difficulty where everything is very fair and there's always a simple solution to all the problems it throws at you if you're willing to experiment a little and learn from your previous mistakes then the difficulty is rewarding and finally getting...
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    Shoot to disable instead of shoot to kill. Let's have an open talk about this.

    I've not gone through the entire thread, so I don't know if this was brought up or not, but what about the non-lethal alternatives? Rubber bullets and what-not? I know we're talking about live ammunition here and I know that most police don't really get a huge amount of time to make the kind of...
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    What's your avatar about

    It's an ugly cartoon unicorn vomiting rainbows and farting butterflies. I made it a while ago just because I thought it would be funny, my previous one was an octopus in a top hat. My animation skills aren't amazing, but it gets the job done. Here's the original full-size version is the...
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    Jimquisition: The Survival of Horror

    Can someone please explain to me what was going on at the end there? I couldn't really make out what that was on the doll's face or understand what Jim was saying with all that reverb, so the punchline of the joke was lost on me.
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    Escapist Expo: The British Expatriate Panel

    Oh, giving digestives to a British person is like catnip to us. If you want our attention just break out a packet of those and a decent pot of tea and we'll happily (yet passive aggressively) pretend to listen to whatever it is you're saying.
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    Why do we assume that aliens would be far more advanced than us?

    Here's an outsider thought. What if the alien species was just a single-celled organism and it happened to catch a ride, and survive the billion-year journey to our planet where it happened to crash on the moon and leave enough of the little guys intact? Panspermia is a common hypothesis among a...
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    Poll: I've got a Bad Feeling about CoD: Ghosts...

    In all likelihood it'll do well because it's a recognised brand and it's just something that sells well for whatever reason (I have no idea why, it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, but each to their own). However, that whole thing with the dog had me laughing my ass off during the reveal...
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    Your Game Music is Bland and You Should Feel Bad

    I don't know if it's been mentioned, yet, but I've been playing Dark Souls for the very first time (loving it, by the way) and most of the boss themes tend to sound very similar, but then I came across the Moonlight Butterfly boss and I was instantly hit with a huge amount of meaning to what...
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    It Never Ends

    I'm late to this, but I like the designs, I find them all very funny to look at and I get what the joke is meant to be. It's impractical; it's way over the top and it's completely sexist, stupid and downright offensive but on the other hand it's also a homage to the exact same thing that went on...
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    Every Game Ever

    If you got the "true" ending you'll find out that Mantorok is the most [evil thing] of all the [evil thing]s in that game because
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    Every Game Ever

    Holy shit, the [evil thing] is Mantorok from Eternal Darkness! I love that game, it didn't have any love interests (besides the Karim bit, maybe, but she was incidental and technically wasn't captured) but it did pretty much play out this way.
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    What is being homophobic?

    To be frankly honest, I'm not keen on anyone making out near me in public. It's uncomfortable and puts a complete halt to all conversation. I don't mind it in fictionalised form, like porn, because it's fiction and they've got editors, directors and special lighting to make it less gross. Plus I...
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    Science is based on faith?

    To be honest, they're right, but we're using two very different definitions to the word "faith". General faith is something everyone has, including science, we're a pattern-recognizing species which will see evidence of certain events or facets of our lives and we will be mostly sure that it'll...