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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    I've always found this to be a weird defense. I've heard this from Polish people with the Witcher Netflix series saying "don't ruin OUR story by making Ciri etc. black". Why are you fine with a white american playing a Polish characater but not a black american playing a polish character? How...
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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    I checked out of CinemaSins really early after their Avatar video contained the sentence "If Michelle Rodriguez were a women then I would fuck her"... and then gave the film a "Sin" for that... somehow. If you like CinemaSin bashing I'd also suggest the following videos nitpicking the hell...
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    Poll: Season pass vs micro transaction vs loot boxes; Which one is SALVAGEABLE?

    I've vaguely liked the idea of a Season Pass an early adopter bonus. It's the only one that be salvaged for a game that's already full priced. i.e. if you buy a game during its first week or two of release you get any future DLC for free automatically as a thank you for paying full price and...
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    This kind of shows the main difference between British and American comedies. In British comedies there's no expectation that the main character will be likeable or relatable. The "lovable idiot" archetype is very much an American one... can't think why that would be. The British archetype for a...
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    So about all of this sexual assault...

    It's also not the only legal standard for proof. Civil courts go by the preponderence of evidence which on a day to day basis is how most people think (obviously weighted by all the various unconscious biases that come with being human). Sexual crimes and sexual misconduct are especially...
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    Are gamers getting stupider?

    Stupid people are just getting louder.
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    Why didn't people go see "Fantastic Beasts"?

    1) It was quite boring. The creatures were fun but only for a couple of minutes each and there was far fewer fun ideas than the main series. The characters were dull (except the muggle comic relief character who's fun but can't be driving the plot) and the story felt like it would have...
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    Meet Three of Far Cry 5's Resistance Members in these Character Trailers

    If the resistance group is just called "The Resistance" (with a capitalised definite article so you know it's super serious) then that doesn't inspire me with much confidence about the writing in this game.
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    Hate Halts Cartoonist from visiting Halifax

    Does it? It just says "you don't know shit about Biology". Interpreting that to me she's saying "XX and XY don't exist/ don't matter" is being very uncharitable. The "definition of human" isn't really comparable here. The offspring of two humans is a human no matter how atypical it is...
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    T_D Subreddit has Gone private in protest of three of its mods being banned.

    Fighting fire with fire it seems... by that I mean throwing a molotov cocktail into a burning building.
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    How to stop making the wrong decision?

    Focus on making better decisions rather than make THE right decision. That way madness lies.
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    Hate Halts Cartoonist from visiting Halifax

    The linked strip isn't anti-science at all. Unless you commit the age-old conflation between sex and gender and ignore people who are intersex/ hermaphrodites (who always seem to get ignored in this topic for some reason) and ignore people who have changed their sex so that their genitals...
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    Streamlining that you agree with

    I think the real core of this complaint is the niggling thought: "You mean I spent all that effort learning your unintuitive game mechanics and now that means nothing! Fuck you!"
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    Call of Duty: WWII Confirmed

    Followed by Call of Duty World War 2 2
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Justice League

    Sorry mate, I don't know what I was thinking. I mean death is final, we all know that. The inescapable inevitability and permanence of it is the one thing that trully unites all sentient beings no matter how strong, righteous, rich or intelligent they are. The only real reason that...