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    Jurassic World Super Bowl Spot Brings Dino Action

    To the first point: Pyrian was referring to the fact that a "properly" (by your standards) equipped security force quelling a dino outbreak moments after it happened would make for a short, dull movie. As would most any movie where a central conflict was easily curb-stomped in moments. To the...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Removes Six-Month Subs, F2P Rumors Arise

    It's admirable how hard you guys stick up for this game. I sincerely wish I could agree with you both, or the rest of the ESO fans who've stuck it out to see it improve. But no matter what updates they push out, no matter how many bugs they fix, there are problems at the core level turning an...
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    Unlikely Students Build Character (And Robots) in Spare Parts

    This seems like the kind of movie I should be sold on right away. Underdog story? Check. Robots? Check. And seeing as I used to be part of a small, poorly-funded hometown FIRST team back in my HS days, it strikes just the right chord. ...Except I can't stand George Lopez. And worse, the...
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    The Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Gamers on Television

    Seconded. As someone who doesn't watch the show, saying "Here it is. Because reasons," makes no damn sense. Bob, if you're not going to take the time to explain yourself, don't bother listing it.
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    Games you feel that only you played

    I LOVED Voodoo Vince. I never really have occasion to talk about it much (and as you can see by my postcount, I'm not exactly a forum regular on the Escapist), but I actually dusted my old Xbox off recently just to play it again. Was quite miffed when the 360 came out that it was "selectively"...
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    Updated Twitch Conduct Rules Institute Dress Code Prohibiting Nudity

    Well damn. There go my plans for being a nudist hit on Twitch. Curse their sensible rules and common sense! Then again... since when do tigers wear clothing anyway?
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    We Could See a Minecraft Movie From Night at the Museum Director

    Live-action? Just... what the hell, Warner? There are freelance animators all over Youtube right now showing you exactly how this should be done. [] And yet, your answer is going to be more garbage like Smurfs and Yogi Bear? Normally I'd wait to pass...
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    Report: Apple Unveiling New Hardware at October Event

    I'm trying to make a habit out of it, but it's a somewhat recent development. However, I shall be doing so henceforth, unless smote with moderator wrath (or told to stop). The world needs more tigers anyway. We're an endangered species, y'know.
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    Report: Apple Unveiling New Hardware at October Event

    Admittedly I'm no fan of Apple to begin with, but time once was I could at least respect them for innovation and quality. But these days? They sell a lifestyle, couched in a sleek aesthetic with a bloated price-tag. The places where their "product" is still returning its value are largely...
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    Report: Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 Due to Legacy Programming Conflicts

    "Should have been" is irrelevant. Consider your point made, but entirely moot in this context. :\ I mean... unless you have a time-machine or something and can go back and warn 90's-era developers not to use certain programming shortcuts. I wonder how many current-gen applications have...
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    Report: Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 Due to Legacy Programming Conflicts

    That is a hilariously awful response. Corporate jargon at its finest - use as many words as you can to say as little as possible... That said, the spokesperson quoted here probably has no idea whether this is accurate or not. It seems like a weird kind of "lazy programming shortcut" to use, but...
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    Google Glass Driving Almost As Unsafe As Using Smartphones

    Here's a thought: cars have an integrated signal blocker that only operates while in motion. Got a message that just can't wait? PULL OFF THE FUCKING ROAD before answering it, and stop putting other drivers at risk.
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    Water Came Before Earth; Implications "Exciting" for Alien Life

    I know this is kind of a hard perspective to grasp, but you're still thinking in terms of human development and evolution. We've only one example to go by - our own - and judging every other possible sentient species in the universe by that standard is insanely self-centered. Hell, what if...
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    Water Came Before Earth; Implications "Exciting" for Alien Life

    Not until you mentioned it. Then I reread it and will never even try to hear it differently. Thank you for that. :)
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    No. Because in this example, you are acting directly in some manner towards your victim. As is the bowling ball example, or the bucket-on-door thing (which is why my previous post stated explicitly that they aren't the same, so I have no earthly clue why you're arguing as if they were). No...