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    Poll: Do you know more than one language?

    English and a little bit of Japanese. I took three years in high school. Once I start college I plan on majoring in another language, just haven't decided yet.
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    Have you clicked the red button?

    My friend tricked me into clicking it. Damn him. But, I'm probably gonna end up clicking it again as soon as I can. Damn curiosity.
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    Do you read why fellow posters get put on probation?

    I normally do. Hopefully try and get a laugh out of them. Sometimes they're funny, but mostly they aren't. Takes one to be "Max" to be really funny though. Only a few people will understand me.
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    80s babies, do you feel old around 90s babies?

    I know what you mean, well to an extent I do. I was born in 93, and some of my friends are from 95 and 96. Just around them I feel old. I can't explain why, it's just a few years.
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    why were you put on probation/suspended or warned

    Because I have the Pony badge.
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    Who here can speak Japanese?

    I took three years in high school. I'm suppose to be in my fourth year at the moment, but the teacher quit, and they didn't hire another one, so I got screwed over. As to have being there, that is currently negative. I do plan on visiting there at least once, I've wanted to go for almost 5...
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    Poll: Ever done this?

    Yea, I do it all the time to be honest. It happens most of the time I post.
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    Test Your Mental Might With The Escapist's First-Ever Puzzle Adventure!

    I still can't get this damned day 5 puzzle. I've read every hint that you all have said, and I'm still stuck at the shell pattern thing with all the mathematicians. Are we suppose to know the names of these people or what? I'm just beyond confused at this moment. Please, please, oh please, help.
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    Test Your Mental Might With The Escapist's First-Ever Puzzle Adventure!

    WOO! Day 3 is complete. Couldn't have done it without you guys.
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    OMG, Text Your Emergency to 911

    This has to be the funniest thing I've read in at least a month XD I can't fucking breathe.
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    The last enemy you killed is now your DINNER.

    I would be eating a super mutant. Yum.
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    you've turned into an npc from the last game you played

    Fallout 3. I'll either die or be knocked unconscious. Either or.
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    Tattoos and Peircings

    I'm going to be getting a few tattoos, I know for sure, but I only know of one at the moment. And, that is the one I'm getting on my back left shoulder blade for my Dad, who died of a heart attack when I was only 10 months old. I'm going to be getting others, but I'm not sure of what though...
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    Going to the movies alone?

    Nope, I haven't. But, I wouldn't mind to go alone at all. I'd enjoy the peace, and I'd give my full attention to the movie.
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    Games You Wish Didn't Have a Sequel.

    I'm going with CoD4: Modern Warfare. The story and multi-player on it were wonderful, it was a perfect game in my mind. But they just fucked up hard with MW2.