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    Goremax Killbleed and the Mephistophalians. When your band skyrockets to ridiculous heights based on your name alone, all I ask for is 10% and a shout-out.
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    Gears of War 3 Review

    Outside of white males in videogames, what isn't a display of tokenism?
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    Gears of War 3 Review

    Obviously, this guy didnt realize that ICE "MUTHAFUKIN-5-out-of-5" T is in this game. I demand you correct your score. I also like the clip of Cole-Train "putting the team on his back doe"
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    Gears of War 3 Review

    Actually, this issue has been addressed in Gears 3. There are female soldiers now, instead of being non-factors. I remember reading about how EPIC would explain the lack of female soldiers. I recall EPIC saying something about the women being breeders but since the events of Gears 2 there are...
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    Which cancelled games did/do you want to see made?

    Shenmue 3, Battlefront 3 and Too Human 2 and 3(lol just kidding about the Too Human part.)
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    Jury rules Casey Anthony Not Guilty

    Holy shit. I finally get to see if a white woman will get treated like OJ Simpson after his trial.
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    Now You Too Can Mimic the Best Street Fighter Ever

    LOL, that Magneto-Sentinel user got what he deserved.
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    Now You Too Can Mimic the Best Street Fighter Ever

    SF2 didn't have parries. So it looks nothing like that.
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    No Right Answer: Best Western Film Ever

    TOMBSTONE. The End.
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    Worst use of Deus Ex Machina you've ever seen

    I disagree, it is both.
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    Worst use of Deus Ex Machina you've ever seen

    The last 10min of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen; Hands Down. End of Thread. Deus ex Machina pun FULLY intended and the irony will make ur head explode. A boy dies. Talks to the Robot father, son and holy ghost about gayness only to be resurrected by robots to then resurrect dead...
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    Iwata Swears Nintendo Isn't Copying Apple's iPad

    Naw they are copying the Dreamcast and the VMU.
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    Expected Skyrim Glitches?

    I remember being raped by Oblivion when my Shadowmere chased a wolf over the mountains and never came back. I wept. I predict something like this in the Skyrim. Maybe you'll do a series of quests and earn a glorious Black Dragon who breaths Lightning Bolts and have battleaxes for for...
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    Do you guys think American Idol is biased?

    Totally, It is totally biased towards teen age girls and metrosexual men. Why the hell do people watch that shit.
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    Too Human Dev Predicts Social Gaming Crash

    LOL, this from the guy who predicted Too Human would be a trilogy.