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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    I'm all for a non-white Spiderman, and Miles Morales sounds more interesting than just a black Peter Parker.
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    Assuming Heterosexuality

    I just go ahead and assume everyone is at least a little bit queer, that or I don't think about it at all until it's mentioned.
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    Game of Thrones' Syrio Forel Joins Star Wars: Episode VII

    Ah but that way madness lies - if everyone whose deaths are not 'seen' first hand by the characters in the present chapter, then you end up with insane ideas like Rhaegar Targaryen and Arthur Dayne still being alive. I reckon Syrio is probably dead, it's just that Arya wasn't there to see it.
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    So whatcha playing Escapists?

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - it's not awful, but it's also not wonderful. I feel like they got the spectacle right, but the design and gameplay is off seriously sometimes.
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    Rise of the Roguelike

    FTL: Faster than Light is my favourite. It may feel so frustratingly unfair sometimes, but I still love it. I'm really hoping they make some kind of sequel to build on the mechanics of the first. I enjoyed Rogue Legacy too, but I found myself just grinding to get over the line in that one...
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    What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

    The only thing really registering on my radar is Destiny. But I am super poor right now and I don't really want to blow heaps of cash on a new game (plus a subscription so I can play the thing online, not to mention maybe getting a new console for it. Sigh).
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    Ken Levine Was Asked A Lot About Making BioShock Without Violence

    I agree with the posters saying that violence is a core theme of the Bioshock series. However, I will say that there was too much, and that the shooting parts of the game were an absolute slog. The first part of the game (before you start gunning people down) and the last part after destroying...
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Unveiled at Xbox E3 Conference

    So much style over substance. Not interested.
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    Poll: Jim Sterling Calls Out New Assassin's Creed (for racism/sexism?)

    I don't see this as Sterling calling out the game for being sexist or racist, moreso for it being boring and unoriginal with character. Big difference.
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    Far Cry 4: See the First Five Minutes - Update Gameplay!

    Agreed. This villain doesn't elicit much of a reaction from me. No fear, no anger, no curiosity, no weird admiration/respect, just nothing really. Also, the player character being another brown-haired white guy is boring. I thought I heard somewhere that the player character would be...
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    Trailers: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - E3 Trailer

    Looks really cool and fun, but I doubt my ability to find 9 other human beings to play something like this co-operatively. I mean, it looks like the kind of game that demands teamwork and communication for it to be work at all.
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    Abzu, From the Makers of Journey, Debuts Exclusively On PS4

    Pretty underwater games! Also, Austin Wintory!
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Gets New Screens, Designer Interview

    I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. Still not sure what the whole 'planet is another player/force in the game' idea is about, but I'm sure that will be explained.
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    Godzilla Trailer Forecasts Monster vs. Monster Melee

    Yeah adding a second monster makes this film a great deal more interesting. I wonder if Andy Serkis did the motion-capture for Muto as well? So he has to fight himself? Boy that would be weird.
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    Looking for horror novels set in a fantasy world

    Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. I'm currently reading it and while at first it seemed just Steampunk, it gets much weirder. It isn't primarily horror though, despite some very creepy stuff going on.