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    Zero Punctuation: Splatoon - Ink Pun

    This is your new Paper Mario, Yahtzee! "You're unfair to Nintendo!" "Ah, but you see, snarky commenter asshole, I like Splatoon!" "You should stop shitting on multiplayer games all the time!" "Ah, but you see, I enjoyed Splatoon's multiplayer far more than the single player!"
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    Valve on Customer Service: "We Need to Do Better"

    Is this an actual "We need to do better" that will precede actual improvement, or a major publisher B.S. "We need to do better" that will precede status quo?
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    Huh, today I learned Hammerlock is a black guy...he looks and sounds like such a white Victorian era insufferable safari brat... I think I may have been confused by the lighting. ... Did someone seriously try to argue that Egypt and India weren't invaded by Britain? What about those...
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    I don't feel it's fair to discount this character as "pandering", since she's fairly well-designed and serves a distinct in-game purpose. Even if it is somehow "pandering", artists are entitled to create whatever characters they feel are best for whatever reasons they like. Even if that reason...
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    Net Brutality

    Hey! That's not true! ... We have three fundamentally identical ISPs to choose from. If you pick Telus, your mugger wears a yellow mask.
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    Issues in Gaming that Need to be Addressed

    I'd play the crap out of an RPG or adventure game set in the Middle East. So many empires and civilizations have risen and fallen there that it seems criminal we haven't explored the region more. I feel like a game about the Eurasian Steppe could be interesting too, wherein you attempt to lead a...
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    "Mario Lives!" Project Aims to Create a Self-Aware Mario

    "Mario, people die when you shoot them with guns." "Yes, I got that." And lo, humanity has been doomed.
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    Zero Punctuation: Elite: Dangerous - Space Truckin'

    And me. Keep dreaming, though: it came out in 2012. I doubt he'll go THAT far back to fill space, but CK2 is a wonderful game that can turn even the most sane person into a casual racist and an imperialist.
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    Ex-LucasArts Legends Announce New "Old-School" Adventure Game

    Keep in mind that it's the writing that makes or breaks these games. I haven't played all that many in the past, but Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (THEY'RE BACK FROM THE DEAD, BABY!) comes to mind as something that would've been a rather mediocre experience were it not for the...
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    So People Are Noticing That Overwatch And Team Fortress 2 Are Quite Similar

    Ehhh... I'll admit, Mercy and Dorbinjorfenburger or whatever the dwarf is called are very similar to the existing medic and engineer, but this game's more character than weapon-oriented. I'm interested to see what unique ideas they'll have for specific characters, since they're adding characters...
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    Rainbow Brite Reboot Revealed in First Trailer

    I remembered this almost immediately, then laughed.
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    Stupid questions about yourself people always ask you.

    "The same thing as you, only it's a little harder to tell the greens and oranges apart. Shut up." The most annoying question I get is "Can I try on your glasses?" Sure! Get the lenses smudged, then make fun of my bad vision!
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    Escape to the Movies: The Equalizer - A Near-Perfect Dad Movie

    10/10 would watch dad fall asleep during first thirty minutes and stay asleep through all the action scenes.
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    A Challenge to Pro-#GamerGaters and Anti-#Gamergaters

    Hello! Name's Lightning Fast. Dan, if you prefer. I was "the Dawg" at some point, but I really hated that and high school is over. I'm a bit younger than all you, just starting my first year at university. FIrst game was Super Smash Brothers on the N64; played it at my cousins house when I...
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    Gearbox Tackles a New IP With the Character-Driven Battleborn

    "... and Marquis, a gentlemanly robot sniper who was a butler in a previous life before a bad software upgrade turned him into an all-too-polite terminator." Well, I'm sold. I'm going to remain optimistic for the time-being. It seems like it could be fun.