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    Skynet Needs a Reboot

    The first Full Frontal Nerdity was posted November 29 2001... It's only new to the Escapist.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Does Christianity Make Us Weak? (Nietzsche)

    Nietzsche's insanity was hereditary. It seems irrelevant to what he wrote before his psychotic break. Secondly, Nietzsche never intended his philosophy to be a sole guiding light. He tells you NOT to let anyone else enforce their values on you, including his. He also didn't think that his...
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    Game of Thrones Author Comments on Lack of Racial Diversity in Series

    Its not just minority races that are underrepresented either! Where are the differently-able people in Westeros? In 4 seasons of the show I haven't seen one person in a motorized chair, or injecting insulin regularly. And how hard would it be to include one fully-transitioned trans character? I...
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    Jimquisition: EA & Ubisoft: A Cycle of Perpetration and Apology

    I've mentioned this on the Escapist before, but really, I don't understand the huge backlash against Battlefield 4. Its a great game with small but intelligent advancements from the last, and I never once experienced a glitch or any interruption of play. I bought it the month it was released...
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    Red Orchestra 2 Free on Steam to Keep Forever - Update

    If Red Orchestra 2 is as hardcore as it sounds then I can't imagine the veteran players will be very happy about the mass influx of COD kiddies from this date forth.
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    Is PAX Worth the Price?

    Riding a train down to Boston, staying in my father's apartment for the duration. Set.
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    Summon Cthulhu to Your Tabletop Game With 20,000 Historic Free Maps

    I love maps, this is going to be invaluable. I might not set a game in real Earth, but I'm going to glean so much inspiration by looking at the way borders change over time. The best way to populate your fantasy map with realistic countries is to consider the countless examples that this world...
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    DICE Upgrading Servers to Address Battlefield 4 Rubber-Banding Issues

    I never once have had a glitch, lag, or bug in Battlefield 4,and I bought it on launch day. So all of these complaints and doom-saying articles about the 'failure' of EA have been nothing but hearsay to me. Do I mistrust the next release anyway, assuming that I won't get lucky again?
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Different Endings - Update

    All of these features sound amazing...but new mechanics are rarely perfected on the first try. And I have a fair bit of skepticism after being so disappointed by DA2. Going to wait a few weeks for reviews and to hear from people who have actually seen a few of the endings, then I might consider...
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    Good Riddance, Fred Phelps: 5 Pivotal Moments For LGBTs In Comics

    In the future, when you want to avoid offense, I'd recommend not saying good riddance of a man whose corpse is barely cold. If the Westboro Baptists are most famous for disrespecting funerals, then you have quite deliberately set yourself on the same moral level.
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    Report: Leaked Images Indicate Assassin's Creed Game Set in Paris

    Finally! what more obvious city than paris, birthplace of le parkour. That pre-Empire hive of narrow and unplanned alleys will be awesome to get around on from the rooftops. French Revolution is also perfect for assassins what with entire rival political parties having each other eliminated...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Down, Star Wars Up In Popular RPG List - Update

    You know they really messed up with 4th edition when a rip off of 3.5 is now selling better than the official D&D.
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    When Did TV Get So Good?

    The thing that makes all these tv "gasps" so much worse is that the Godfather is a 3 hour movie-why not set aside an afternoon to experience a cinematic classic. But the show Breaking Bad, for example, had a 62 episode run in a 1-hour timeslot. So your friend insisting that you simply have to...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Next Release Date, New Product, Leak - Update

    I dont want to see what theyve done to Faerun this time. Im willing to try Next's system but Im probably still going to use lore and fluff from 3.5 and prior.
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor's Orcs Are Dumber on Last Gen Systems

    Complaining that your old system isnt good enough to run a new game? Should the entire industry stop progressing so that you arent left behind?