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    Somebody called me a Douche

    So the distinction is to be made based on personal preference? Those two categories are not mutually exclusive.
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    How did the internet start?

    Well when a mommy-internet and a daddy-internet love each other very much...
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    I got a crowbar

    Kidnap someone and replace them with the crowbar. Nobody will ever notice.
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    Left 4 Dead Pc

    Are you just getting a message along the lines of there was a problem and so and so had to close or is there an actual error?
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    Escapism Sydney '09: Labyrinth's Tale The Second

    THE FLYING POTATOE MAN DISAGREES! He lies as well. He promised to take me to the potato king but he never did.
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    What Is The Oddest Product You Ever Saw?

    I've only heard about this but there is apparently bottled water that is desalinated before it goes into the bottle and it is sold as concentrated water. The best part is though apparently you have to dilute it. With water. From your tap.
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    Poll: Do You Change Your Avatar?

    I change it quite a bit between about 6 different things. I think my change to post ratio is about 1:2
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    For The Aussies

    Good writing. Kind of like looking at us from the outside and inside at the same time. And if someone talks about Canberra I'll be coming to change their position to the Great Sandy Desert.
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    Just trying to save the world

    1) Are you saying we need to stop wars, climate change etc before we implement this system or will this system stop them? 2)How do you expect to get the products if people do not need to be required to make them? 3)How do you expect to make profits in a non-monetary system?
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    Wouldn't be easier to be killed by serial killer during the day in an open field?

    I find a good personal rule of thumb for fiction is: it doesn't have to be completely logical.
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    In Case of Future: Break Glass

    Something to break down all the waste.
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    Alcopops Tax Blocked in Australian Senate, Senator Fielding Looks A Tosser

    The really big problem is the money the already got from the tax revenue.
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    The Escapist SF IV Throwdown: CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER, WIN A BADGE!

    I'm going with Keane Ng. Just because he sounds the most insane out of all of them. In a good way.
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    Police brutally beat a 15 year old girl This article gives some more information on what the girl says happened. It also provides an interesting allegation that the shoe caused "bruising, bleeding and pain".
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    A Philosophical Thought

    No. Besides who am I to decide the greater good?