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    Things that you refer to by an out of date name

    They might call it Myanmar now, but it will always be Burma to me.
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    Strange Complaints You Have Received

    Alright, I've got a head-scratcher for you all. Whilst working at my seasonal retail job earlier this week, I found myself with a brief moment where I had nothing to do, there being no customers in my area and all of the ties already having been sorted. To pass the moment, I decided to try and...
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    Games Where The 'Antagonist/Villian' Wins (Or Was Right)?

    You may call it incompetence if you like, but this notion that the Fireflies are doomed to fail is totally without grounds within the story. I have seen this repeated by both that article and by yourself, so I'm forced to ask: where is this idea that the doctors and scientists among the...
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    Games Where The 'Antagonist/Villian' Wins (Or Was Right)?

    Alduin's plan really can just be boiled down to eat everyone, including the universe itself. He is not called the "Worldeater" for nothing, after all. At any rate, there's no way within Skyrim's main story to have Alduin triumph in his quest, similar to the plot resolution in Oblivion. It is...
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    Games Where The 'Antagonist/Villian' Wins (Or Was Right)?

    Well, the main character in The Last of Us is essentially pure evil, and your actions allow him to succeed by the mere act of playing through the game. I was about to throw down the controller at the end of it, when you reach the point that he is slaughtering the last remaining hope for mankind...
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    Civilization VI New Ideas for Civs and Leaders.

    Huzzah! I've been brushing up on my Roosevelt history recently, and now I am well and truly excited. "Make America Bully Again!"
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    Civilization VI New Ideas for Civs and Leaders.

    Which Roosevelt? I'm praying for Theodore, but I'm resigned to believe it will be Franklin Delano. Again. I would second an Italian civ under Garibaldi, as mentioned above. I'm also hoping for a Mexican civ, possibly - they ordinarily don't include the more modern nations, but I think there's...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Reviews are coming in... dammit FOX!

    I had a snaking suspicion that this movie would turn out poorly, largely based on the trailer. So Apocalypse was the one who invented the whole "4 Horsemen"-thing? Man, I have to say that the resemblance between the giant purple man and... you know, Jesus was indeed pretty startling. This...
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    Whats an alternate place to get news that isn't batshit crazy?

    Have you tried The Week? It's a British-based magazine, but I'm mostly familiar with the American print magazine they provide. It has an online version available here which provides some very informative pieces on political issues, but I would more strongly recommend their...
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    Poll: One of your immediate family memebers is in prison, do you go visit them?

    The Pope managed to visit a complete stranger who shot him in prison, just to forgive him for doing so. I think I can probably spare a few hours for family, regardless of what they did. Have I?
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    The need to read.

    I would second the recommendation to read The Expanse series, starting with Leviathan Wakes. They are not very hard sci-fi, as far as that scale goes, but they are gripping, action-packed, and very fun to read. Not a revelation in terms of prose-quality or deep messages, but you will have a good...
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    Will DRM Finally Beat Piracy? Notorious Cracking Forum Says Yes

    Wonderful! Though I sincerely doubt that pirating will ever completely go away, it's encouraging to hear that it's actually becoming increasingly difficult to do. Most likely this will just mean new attempts at cracking anti-piracy systems, but at least there is some progress to show for it...
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    Star Wars VIII Script Is "So Good", Abrams Wishes He Could Direct It

    I'm glad to hear that the next movie will be good, and even more glad that Abrams has nothing to do with it. I think that Abrams is one of the least talented directors currently on the market - no new ideas, no creativity, no substance. Just flair and nostalgia, always completely derivative and...
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    Looking for a serious game where you play as the villian, preferably FPS.

    I agree with the masses in saying that Spec Ops: The Line is probably a good bet. Not an FPS, but you're definitely not the hero of the story. The Last of Us is probably a good choice as well. It also is not an FPS, but the main protagonist you sent the bulk of the game playing as is probably...
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    It gets good after x hours

    I normally don't have patience for this attitude, following the same train of logic that Yahtzee points out: if a game forces a player to invest x hours into it before it becomes playable, then that it is a poorly made game. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions that I think are worth...