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    I Can't Stop Playing Hand of Fate

    could there be a possibility that hand of fate being ported to the vita?
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    Expanding the Game: The Semantics of Standalone

    You forgot the fact you have to pay the nexus forums to download it.
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    The Witcher 3's PC System Requirements Revealed

    I got 4GB of ram (soon to be 8GB) running at 1600mhz, a I5-4460 and a GTX 750 that has 1GB of memory. could I run this game on windowed with little AA? P.S I do have a ps4 but I prefer 60fps if possible.
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    Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?

    hmm lets think of games that use to do the same thing every game..... I GOT ONE: wipEout. that game did the same thing every time it was released but still, they were god damn cool (shame studio liverpool had to close though)
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    Witcher 3 Dev: Gamers Are Wary of Poorly-Polished Next-Gen Games

    You know what, they should focus less on the consoles and more on the portable gaming market. While it is true the PS vita was classed as a commercial flop, it did however show the possibilities of portable/mobile gaming. P.S: did you know total biscuit has a PS vita.
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    The Latest Scourge of AAA Game Design

    Has anyone ever thought of literally creating a textbook on game design? It would be a very good idea plus we can send then to all the AAA developers with note telling them to read it and stop pissing about (*cough*ubisoft*cough*)
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    Strategy game for someone who's never played strategy games

    Oh come on! Did everyone here have a brain fart and forget about halo wars? Even ZP called it a babies first RTS.
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    give a present to the above avatar

    A butt plug
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    I don't exist simple as that
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    I am a gamer and I'm not dead.

    Haha got to love Monty python, they always up the mood
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    Minecraft is Getting Doctor Who-themed DLC

    Sadly this won't come to ps3
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    I'm starting to think I'm not a "nerd" "gamer" or whatever.

    Wouldn't that make you an otaku rather than a nerd?
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    Jimquisition: EA Access ... Denied

    Imagine a subsception within a subsception: SUBSCEPTIONSCEPTION!!!!
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    Doom Reboot Info - Many Demons, No Regenerating Health

    If it has modding tools available then I can imagine Sgt. Mk4 having a look at it and then turn it in to a god-like game, just to clarifying here but Sgt. Mk4 was the creator of brutal doom so YOU KNOW he will turn this in to one kick-ass game after release.
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    is their any civ games on escapist?

    I wonder there is and if so could you please link me any and if your wondering I mean the ones on 4chan do it so there must be some