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    When was the last time something made you actually cry/tear up?

    only 3 things have ever truly made me cry : 1 - Clannad anime 2 - Elfen Lied manga 3 - The Walking Dead video game Y_Y still get teary eyed just thinking about them
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    Your favourite cartoon and why it's your favourite.

    Cardcaptors hands down ... 10 years later ish & its still my all time Favorite anime ... to show my love for it i got a cherry blossom branch tattooed from my hip round my chest & across my back =D such rich & lovable characters with a fun story & great meaning behind it
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    Deadman Wonderland Anime.. wtf? someone explain this to me, please

    GO READ THE MANGA! the anime cuts off at a point where it isnt fully explained properly, however the manga carries on for a good while, its a very good, complex story that when you get your head around it ... your like "wow ... that was unexpected & truly mind blowing" ...
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    Ever had a nickname?

    my last name is 'Salguero' my old bar manager couldn't remember how to pronounce it when he first started, so he said " its 's' something ... something foreign; 'Solduatelli'. & thus solduatelli became my nick name where i work for the last year & a bit xD
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    Brony personalities

    i got ENFJ ... not my favorite pony, but oh well ... turns out all the guys who work on bar with me were i work are bronies ... i didnt think work would be so very fun ^^
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    How did you have sex?

    drunk ... spin the bottle... 3 some ... enough said
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    You have just jumped out of a building.....

    hahaha like this is enough to kill me!
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    One Piece Ending songs

    so ive been watching One Piece for a while now & i around episode 260ish (truly awesome btw), i noticed that the last One Piece ending song is at 279 apparently. why is there such a big gap with no ending theme? from 280-531 =/ just curious really
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    The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo And Stupid Gameplay Mechanics

    you said this game was like a small rip off from fable ... when i first played the demo my first thoughts were ... this is the sequel of how fable should have been ... fable 1 was good, fable 2 & 3 were pretty bad & didn't fit into the feel of the first game, but this one does, so im considering...
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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard or overheard someone say?

    so at college i was asked where to find water while standing next to 2 sinks with the person who asked me...
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    Star Wars, why do you do this to me?

    pants on head retarded moment ^_^
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    A great game you stopped playing.

    skyrim ... lost track of my main quest with EVERYOTHER QUEST & kinda got bored =/
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    So Apperently The Muppets Are Communists... Yeah.

    i cant even express how down right retarded that was... i mean... only in america...
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    Which is your favourite God?

    Haruhi Suzumiya ^^
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    What's your name's origin?

    Ben after Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi ... clearly my dad was a big star wars fan xD