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    Why do people reject evolution?

    An opinion based on objective truths is more valid than an opinion based on faith. This is basic rhetoric here; when your argument has objective support, it's a good argument. Faith is not as valid as fact.
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    One Direction fanfic to be published as novel

    When I was 13, I finished reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. I'd read most of Chuck Palahniuk's fiction that had been published at the time, as well. I was a fan of Douglas Adams. I understood the importance of originality, and abhorred fanfiction. Youth is no excuse for literary...
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    Is porn sexist? Yes, but so what?

    The concept of "porn for asexuals" is intriguing in its own right.
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    Poll: Steak - How do you like yours?

    Alright, that's certainly true. I suppose I just prefer the grill because I buy thicker, much cheaper cuts, and pan frying them is simply a ***** to try. But when I grill such a thick steak (we're talking more than two inches, here) it retains flavor and juices in the center while still getting...
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    Poll: Steak - How do you like yours?

    Nothing beats a charcoal grill in terms of flavor. This is pretty much an indisputable fact.
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    Poll: Steak - How do you like yours?

    If I'm at a nice restaurant, rare. Practically falls apart in your mouth if you order a good cut. On the other hand, if I'm just grilling a sirloin or a chuck steak or something else like that, I'll let it cook a bit longer.
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    Your favorite alcoholic beverage

    Whiskey sour, scotch and soda. Hurricane if I want something more flavorful and fruity that can still knock me on my ass.
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    Venting About Valve Again

    Which is why I said his being annoyed might not be justified.
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    Venting About Valve Again

    I don't think he meant his HL3 comment to be taken that way. He isn't annoyed that Valve hasn't announced it; he's annoyed that Valve has been basically teasing its fans for years. They occasionally feed into rumors and speculation when there's no intention of actually announcing the game. I...
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    Poll: Chick-fil-a owner admits to anti-gay views

    I adapted that for 50 years ago, just to give an idea of what you just said.
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    Zero Punctuation: Walking Dead

    You'd probably be better off starting with the show. From what was said in this review, one's sense of the world is pretty different between the game and the TV series. And the TV series seems pretty close to the graphic novels, so it might be to your advantage if you watch the show/read the...
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    Poll: Are you a feminist?

    I am all for women's equality, and equality for everyone. However, most feminist groups seem to want privilege for women, not equality. Therefore, I'm not a feminist.
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    Diehard Webcomic Fans Invent Fake Anime

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    Is death a product of evolution?

    Evolution is the product of death, not vice versa.
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    Not enough money for new games, and I still have plenty others to play through before buying something new. Besides, when I do get a couple extra bucks, I'd prefer to get Saint's Row: The Third rather than Skyrim.