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    The Big Picture: Q&A

    As adaptive and customizable as PCs are these days, they could be technically be called the "4th" console. You could easily put together a small form factor system that can sit in your entertainment center and have it playable with a console controller.
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2018 Round-Up

    The whole "Wahhhhh exclusives" crowd is pissing me off enough to actually post again. WTF cares about exclusivity? Microsoft had THE best set of games this years, and all the whiners have is "None are exclusive" Jesus fragging Christ people. Does it matter when the exclusives the other side...
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    Zero Punctuation: Subnautica

    Playing it in VR is pretty...interesting. Makes the bugs even more buggy.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hob and Hat in Time

    Yeah, I think you don't grasp the concept of these videos.. Yahtzee was never one of those "watch my review before you buy it" type people.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fifth Console Generation

    What's even more funny? Nintendo went back to cartridges..... and it friggin works
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    Zero Punctuation: Get Even

    I almost want to play this game so I can shoot everyone and tell the voices in my head to piss off...
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    Epic Announces that Fortnite Will Hit Early Access Next Month

    Alphas has been out for quite a while and the game is pretty polished as it is currently. I've enjoyed my time in playing it. It's not beta testing. It's early access.
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    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Has Five Post-Credits Scenes

    I'm sure they'll be playing under the credits.
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    Analysts Expect Nintendo Will Release a Mini-Switch by the Spring of 2019

    Geez... I remember having to haul my computer around in a suitcase for LAN gaming. Hell, even this gen consoles need a large backpack to fit in to carry it around. YOU CAN FIT THE SWITCH IN A PURSE!!!! It doesn't need to be smaller!!! #firstworldgamingproblems
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    Here's The First Thor - Ragnarok Teaser Trailer

    Ooo Ooo. Can I be the first to list all the flaws? I want to be cool. Looks awesome, though. I laughed out loud in a perfectly quiet room at work when he met Hulk. People looked at me weird.
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    BioWare Apologizes For Representation of Trans Character in Andromeda

    Wow. Yeah, totally didn't even realize that what she was talking about. I thought she changed her name because she was going to a new galaxy and wanted a fresh start. Didn't even dawn on me that's what that was about.
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    New Spider-Man - Homecoming Trailer Spoils Most of Movie

    Welcome to 99% of hero stories. The "fall from grace" plot line
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    Dissing Mass Effect Andromeda because it has diversity and equality

    You know, I did find it kinda jarring that 1 out of the 9(?) preset characters was "Standard White Protagonist". All for diversity, but all of the other selections were pretty out there and didn't interest me in the least for using them even as a base to start from
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    Warner Bros. is Looking to Bring Back The Matrix - Updated

    Wachowski brothers? Who are they? Don't you mean the Wachowski sisters?