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    Games with heavy political elements?

    Hey, I was bored and started wondering what games have politics as a major part of the story or game. When I say that I don't mean a government or political simulator. I'm really itching to play a game where either you have a character that is shaped by political ideology or a game that you can...
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    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

    Defy me to name any other game ehhhhh? Half Life 2. Done...
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    Jimquisition: Hate Out Of Ten

    I did not think the issue was that bad, and then I did research... Jeez people are so dumb. It's a fucking review, if they don't think it's perfect THEY DON'T THINK IT IS PERFECT! IT'S THEIR OPINION! Sorry, saw a reviewer get several really nasty comments for giving Arkham city a 8.5/10
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    Gaming is going to the casuals

    Dark Souls shall come! Casual gaming will DIE!!!!!!!
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    Pokemon: Gotta Catch One

    I caught a cat... just a cat I missed the Pidgey.
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    Stupidest Reason Why You've Gotten Into Trouble In School.

    i told a teacher not to diss on my rap. The same teacher that didn't care about the awful anti-Semitic jokes that were spewed in that class every day.
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    Funniest Zero Punctuation One Liners

    Surfing on a plastic sea of mediocrity.
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    F.E.A.R. 3 First Impressions (SO no spoilers!)

    To start I?ll say that the graphics are fine and I won?t really say anything more about it ,this game is basically made for online co-op which I will explain but if you don?t want to play online you will not get the full experience of this game and no I haven?t played online yet, I just wanted...
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    Poll: The TF2 Insult

    I think you're over reacting. Waaaaay too much and trolls will be around for like a week now if they made Gary's Mod free it would do the opposite because the trolls and grievers are the only people who play that bloody game. I know like 30 people (seriously no exaggeration) who own that game...
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    Most depressing movie you ever saw

    Don't worry I got it and Lady Vengeance and am watching them soon.
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    Most depressing movie you ever saw

    Wow, really? Looked through the whole thread. OLDBOY!!!!!! Damn that is the most depressing movie and if you're sad before you get into it I warn you, you might kill yourself at the end. Seriously the most depressing and most evil film of all time hands down!
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    Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Pilot

    One of the best series openings I've ever seen on the Escapist!! It was really funny and I was looking forever to find the forum post about this just so I could say how awesome it is.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Exchanges Flags for "Babes"

    Dude jesus why are you ranting at me? I can buy the game because I'm old enough to, I bought Duke Nukem Time to Kill when I was like 12 and you know what. I loved it! Best game ever and I was totally ready for it and my parents were cool with it :D
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    Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Exchanges Flags for "Babes"

    hehe Duke Nukem is so silly.
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    Reccomend me a T.V series!

    Grrrrr I was gunna say this. It's really funny but I'd also suggest Arrested Development cuz of how hilarious it is