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    What do you go to thats makes consistently makes you happy?

    Where do I go? To my daughter of course. She makes it all worthwhile. :)
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    What do you go to thats makes consistently makes you happy?

    Re-organising the shelves in the garage. Happy isn't the word, more satisfied.
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    What do you go to thats makes consistently makes you happy?

    Nah it's all about the feel good's man
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    What do you go to thats makes consistently makes you happy?

    Hi, it's getting near the end of finals for me and I assume a lot of others, and what was required of it was making myself do stuff that wasn't fun and just down right shit to be honest. So to keep myself from falling down the shaft of depression I have my go to videos to save me from really...
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    Sexy Sex and You

    I'm 21 and have had only on sexual partner being my current girlfriend. I do maybe wish i maybe had more sexual encounters, but waited a while to find someone i wasn't just sexually attracted to lose my virginity to. I mean once your like 20 you want the wait to mean something. That being...
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    Favorite lets play? Tell us about who you love to watch or what makes somthing fun to follow.

    I like Two best friend's play, they essiantly love what I love and make just perfect references,that and when they shit on a game they really shit on it, and when they love a game they really love it.
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    Man Who Bought $735 Xbox One Photo Gets Free Xbox One

    Yes he's a bit of a moron, but still we all knew what the seller was trying to do. If one is a little to trusting and nieve ebay's a trap so try not to judge him people, the xbox was for his son.
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Hmmmm, No doubt I would date Tali, she is my sci-fi wifu. I'd take Twilight into my home but even for tali I don't think i could fuck a horse. Imma go with a yes under the conditions Twilight stays just as part of the deal, not a marriage partner.
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    Submit Your Bracket Prediction - Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2013

    I honestly don't care who win's, none of the top contenders would surprise me. Kinda rooting for the last of us, if nothing else to make Ellen Page's decision to do beyond two souls more painful.
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    Oh master race please help a lowly peasant

    My advice is to find a shop or a friend and have them help you, it's worth a little extra money to get advice in person.
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    Gaming moments where you just say, "I am not having the best luck here" or "I honestly suck at this"

    DOTA 2, because the majority of the time I get a team that speaks 0 english except report. Skill wise yeah I have my bad moment's but mostly the matchmaking gets me.
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    DotA vs LoL...which is better?

    As a mostly league player for years and someone that is learning dota2, dota 2 is the better game league is just funner. Dota has a much better way of doing thing's and handling it's players in my opinion and a much better market system, leauge is just more simple and brain dead to play...
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    Poll: When Gender Is A Choice, Which Do You Choose?

    I like to role-play as myslef in these games so I choose male, looking like me is optional(luckily male shepard looked enough like me.
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    Should immigrants be required to integrate to receive benefits?

    If there paying taxes and are registered then no.
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    Gun Permits

    I know more and more that the reason I want a concealed permit is that under the slim possibility that one of gun massacres that happens almost everyday in America I'm there and I could maybe stop it. For every phyco that has a gun I'd like to think there could be 10 that aren't and are thinking...