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    Escapist Under New Management (Again)

    Ah, back on the forum after so long. Feels like much longer than just a couple years. Any word on the other folks coming back? Jim, MoS, Extra Credits - anyone else on board?
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    Is Nintendo essentially hack-proof?

    Both Sony and Microsoft have suffered hacking incidents recently, with some guy deciding he had nothing better to do than shut down Xbox Live, and all of Sony targeted in a massive hack. This is hardly the first time either of these two have been hacked, but Nintendo never has, to my knowledge...
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    Contradictory criticisms of Nintendo.

    My apologies, good sir. I assumed you knew how widespread it was. If you truly haven't ever seen threads where people get mocked and ridiculed for liking Nintendo, then I can see how my arguments would look to you. I suppose there are still innocents on the internet after all. I hold no...
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    Contradictory criticisms of Nintendo.

    Because. I'm. Being. Hated. For. It. You really don't understand, do you? If I was being made fun of for enjoying, let's say, Spiderman comics, and I tried to defend myself by saying that they're good, it would not be a reasonable counterpoint to say, 'Why are you defending Marvel? They're a...
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    Contradictory criticisms of Nintendo.

    Know what? If the doomsaying does end, I'll stop complaining about it. Sound fair?
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    Contradictory criticisms of Nintendo.

    I am defending myself, not Nintendo. Whenever I mention that I'm a Nintendo fan on the internet, I get slammed with hate for it. Have you never been made fun of for something you liked? Or do you not understand the concept of bullying altogether?
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    Photography IS art

    Recently, a fairly nice photograph of a canyon in Arizona, called 'Phantom', sold for $6.5 million. You can find it at this link, as well as possibly the snootiest article I've ever read explaining why it isn't real art...
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    Contradictory criticisms of Nintendo.

    The two most common complaints I hear about Nintendo are as follows: 1. OMG, they keep releasing the same game every year. How about you try some new IPs for a change? 2. So when are you guys going to make a new Metroid? Come on, Nintendo, all the fans want it! Well, which is it? Do you...
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    Will the Nintendo doomsaying ever end?

    Nintendo is doomed. Nintendo is doomed. Nintendo is doomed. That's all I hear on some forums. People talking about how Nintendo will drop out of the industry soon, or they'll go third party, or simply cease to exist as a result of too much childishness. I hear this, despite the fact that...
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    Nintendo Will Make a Billion Dollars From Amiibo Sales, Claims Analyst

    Revenue and profit are two different things. They may gross a billion dollars total, but the associated expenses, combined with the Wii U's losses, could bring that number down to $300 mil.
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    System sellers for each console

    So the holidays are coming up, which means that all the competitors are gearing up for the big selling season. With three systems out, each for at least a year, hopefully there's a 'killer app' for each of them. Unfortunately, apart from Nintendo I really couldn't name any big titles currently...
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    God of War should follow the example of Assassin's Creed

    No, I don't mean by releasing a glitchy game of sporadic quality every year. I mean via the plot, where all the protagonists are descendants of the earlier ones. In the opening narration by Gaia (it doesn't matter that she's dead, the crowds will cheer if there's an opening narration by Gaia)...
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    Poll: Is Rapunzel from Tangled a strong female character?

    For me, the movie that resold me on the Disney Animated Canon was Tangled. Great humor, gorgeous visuals, and an engaging storyline. But what really sold me was the two main characters, and that's pretty unprecedented for a Disney film. Both of them are quite well-rounded, and seemed to behave...
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    What would you do if every videogame franchise just ended?

    People complain a lot about long-running franchises that can't seem to end. Series like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed bring out sequel after sequel with little or no improvements. But what if every franchise just...stopped? What if Mario 3D World was the last Mario game ever? What if Far...
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    Anonymous hacks the KKK

    In response to the Ferguson protests, the Ku Klux Klan announced that they would take violent action against the 'terrorists masquerading as peaceful protesters' (talk about hypocrisy). This angered Anonymous, which had already come out in support of these protesters. Last Sunday night...