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    A thank you to mr. Tito

    Thanks Mr. Tito, this was really important to many of us! I might not have heard anything at all about this, if you hadn't decided against taking down the threads, so I deeply appreciate it.
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    Strong Final Fantasy XIV Sales Lead Square Enix to Financial Turnaround

    Didn't the first Tomb Raider sell more copies, actually? I think it went past 7 millions, if I remember correctly.
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    Tropico 5 Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

    Thanks! It sounds like they are adding some interesting elements, I might check it out when it gets released.
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    Tropico 5 Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

    I liked Tropico 3 (the only one of the series I played so far), but I heard bad things about Tropico 4 (basically, that it was more or less the same game, with just a few new features tacked on). Has anyone heard anything substantial about Tropico 5? Also, if we call this a "gameplay"...
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    Jimquisition: The Saga Scrolls: Edge of Candy

    Wow, he actually used the title someone suggested somewhere in the comment section of... Something, I can't remember right now (but the idea for the title stuck with me because it was so hilariously silly). Anyway, vindication for the win! It might not have been necessary, but it's always...
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    The Most Dangerous Woman in Videogames - Anita Sarkeesian

    An article against what she is doing (making videos which talk about her opinion about female portrayal in videogames)? That would be silly (although I don't doubt that there are many articles about that), as there is little to say, she is basically doing what thousands of people already do...
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    Jimquisition: The Survival of Horror

    I know both games, but I don't think they can be really considered "horror games" (as Sight Unseen mentioned about Sir You Are Being Hunted). I mean, Silent Hill or Resident Evil were tense and disturbing experiences, it wasn't just about the fear, and I believe the two games you guys mention...
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    Jimquisition: The Survival of Horror

    How am I ever going to sleep again, after seeing what I have seen? Damn you Dr. Jonathan Crane! Anyway, I certainly wouldn't mind more survival horror games, although I feel lately we are missing a "middle of the road" experience, right now either indie developers make no combat horror games...
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    Bees Are Dying, Scientists Have Found Out Why

    Actually, a new study currently underway will demonstrate how videogames cause the death of the bees, by making them more violent. On topic: how bad is the situation in the US? In my country, it doesn't seem to be so bad.
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    Jimquisition: Fun & Priorities

    Was I the only one who thought the intro was almost too interesting? Jim should make a new series of videos called "Jim's bizarre adventures" where he just talks about weird anecdotes from his daily life. It would be the best series ever made. Ever. On topic: I guess Rockstar at least...
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    Lawsuit Demands Porn Filters For All Apple Products

    Wife/girlfriend catches you watching porn? Blame *insert random corporation here*! they aren't doing anything to stop you from watching porn, it's their fault! Also, porn corrupts our youth, etc...
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    The Power Jacket MK3 Is a Real-Life Aliens Power Loader

    I want that man in every commercial from now on. That's the kind of delivery that could make me start watch advertising again! XD
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    Journey Dev is Excited For Kinect 2.0

    Is it really that hard to understand that controllers and the mouse+keyboard combo will never go away? And not because of some weird reason, but because they are the most immediate and easy way to send commands to a game. Facial expressions mean nothing in a game, and no matter how precisely you...
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    Assassin's Creed Creator: Microsoft Didn't Need To Mention Internet

    See? You had a problem with the message, and how he delivered it! Clearly, he was right all along! XD XD XD On a serious note, maybe he is one of those developers that welcome the use of trailers that never represent the final product, and is against demos? You know, the ones that just see...
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    Dreamfall Chapters Dev Disputes George Lucas' Gaming Views

    Since video games are an interactive medium, they require the audience to have an active role of sorts. It might be something trivial (like in visual novels) or it can be way more complex, but it inevitably requires them to get past an interface of some kind. Of course if you aren't used to it...