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    General Gaming News.

    It finally happened...
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    What are you currently playing?

    Haven't touched Germany yet. I have a disinclination to play as Nazis, and I prefer minor nations anyway. Currently exploring the many wonders of Komi, the Dumpster Fire Republic.
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    What are you currently playing?

    Surviving the Aftermath. Pretty good. I've survived three catastrophes so far, although I'm still struggling to keep up my labor force. And, of course, more TNO.
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    The first game you ever played?

    It was probably some educational game like Math Blaster. I don't remember. Or maybe that Space Cadet Pinball thing. The first non-educational video game I remember playing was a space shooter called Fury^3 (as in "Fury to the power of three").
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    Tiny insignificant details in games that really impressed you

    There are several events in some Hearts of Iron 4 mods which end with someone being executed that also decrease your manpower by 1. It's insignificant (an average infantry division will require 10,000 manpower) but it's a nice touch.
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