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    Nintendo Fires Worker for Blogging

    Reading her blog.. She's a pretentions b**ch.. Of course, that's what many personal bloggers are like in my opinion. You have to be pretty blind to not know you will get canned for talking about work happenings on a public blog.. Kids these days..
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    To Mod or Not to Mod

    "There are, of course, many legitimate uses for modding outside of piracy. One of the most common is to allow games released overseas (but not here) to be played on any version of the console, kind of like hacking a DVD player to play discs from anywhere in the world. This commonly accepted...
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    E3 2007: The Wii Report

    "A SNES kid at heart, Sega's stone-like fall from grace validates my old belief that the only thing Sega does that Nintendon't is wither in the face of the new millennium, but I'll still admit to a Pavlovian cringe every time I hear Sega and Nintendo in the same sentence. So imagine my shock to...