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    New game releases - Week of November 19, 2017

    Nothing releasing this week really excites me. However, I've been meaning to pick up Tales from the Borderlands and I see it's free on Xbox Games for Gold right now. Solves that problem!
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    Valve Announces New Dota 2 Card Game, Artifact

    "DOTA 2", "Card Game", "Random Packs." There is literally nothing that interests me about those three concepts. Valve is dead to me now.
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    8 Ridiculously Deadly Video Game Cities Worth Revisiting

    Honestly, I can't think of a whole lot of video game cities I would want to visit. City 17 (Half-Life 2): dystopian hellhole. Midgar (Final Fantasy VII): polluted and mostly destroyed. Empire City (Infamous): trashed. Rapture (Bioshock series): yeah, no. It was nice to see a shout-out to...
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    8 Superhero Video Games that Don't Suck

    Champions Online is actually pretty good and I would recommend it for anyone who liked City of Heroes. While the content gets old after reaching cap a couple of times, the free content is plentiful and should be enough to keep any fan of the genre happy for a month or two.
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    The 25th Anniversary Edition of Live-Action Classic Night Trap Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Spring

    There were guides to it, but even then it required split-second timing to win (if that was even possible). No saves, and you lost if you missed one event.
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    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Confirmed, James Gunn to Direct

    I for one am eagerly awaiting the inevitable crossover with The Specials [].
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    Peripherals Company Mad Catz Removed from New York Stock Exchange

    On the plus side, you could now be a major Mad Catz shareholder for about the cost of a Happy Meal.
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    Warner Bros. is Looking to Bring Back The Matrix - Updated

    Maybe that's the actual purpose of the Matrix, but not what they told the agent programs. For... reasons? Viewed in that light, the resistance really are terrorists and Zion is a cancer that threatens the future of the human race. What would happen if Neo found that out and believed it, but...
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    8 Shows and Movies That Make the Tech-Savvy Of Us Cringe

    FWIW, in the Jurassic Park book, it was a command prompt-based system and the way she struggled to get it to work seemed reasonably realistic (for a movie about cloned dinosaurs, anyways). Not that that excuses the movie in any way. Otherwise, pretty much spot on. In fact, I'm not sure I've...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Features More Than 1,200 Speaking Characters

    Well, when you spread 6 hours of meaningful dialog over that many characters - yeah, most of them aren't going to be saying anything meaningful. What really caught my eye was the stat Walters provided for ME3... the 670 (approximately) characters who would speak to you. Really? How many of...
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    Warner Bros. is Looking to Bring Back The Matrix - Updated

    The Matrix Regurgitated. Thank you for asking, Marter! I think The Matrix (the original) holds up pretty well. The sequels were terrible when they were released and have aged badly. I agree that a reboot isn't necessary, but a retcon is. Let's collectively agree that Reloaded and...
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    All the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer DLC Will be Free

    I'm not sure why you don't believe it. To be clear, they're still going to nickel and dime you. The multiplayer maps and characters will be free. The lootboxes will need to be purchased with tokens you will be able to slooooowly get over time by grinding away or by paying real world $$...
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    The Newest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer is All About Exploration and Discovery

    Good point. That could be what they meant. We'll know for sure soon enough!
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    The Newest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer is All About Exploration and Discovery

    The ones that aren't handcrafted are probably procedurally generated.
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    The Newest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer is All About Exploration and Discovery

    Mass Effect 1 was very much Star Trek. (It also had the best writing, IMO, even if a lot of the game aspects were lacking.) It lost its way with ME2 and ME3 when logic, consistency and lore became largely irrelevant to the writing team. (NPC characterization improved, though, so there's that.)