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    Poll: Middle Earth - Which race would you be?

    I'd want to be an Ancalagon the Black sized dragon, and just burn and pillage all day long :D
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    Zero Punctuation: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number & Ori And the Blind Forest

    The way I took it was that Ori's mother never died at all, being a spirit of the forest and all. When that spidery dude used the glowing orb on her she was just reinvigorated. I mean, I'm pretty sure the spirit tree reinvigorated Ori in the same manner in the beginning of the game. The spirit...
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    Evolve Dev Responds to DLC Criticism

    The complete edition for this game currently costs 100USD on Steam. That's insane, especially when the whole reason I would play this is a decent variety of monsters and hunters. I am absolutely not buying this, even though I previously looked forward to it. I find this a disgustingly...
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    Miracle of Sound: Wake the White Wolf (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Song)

    This is definitely my favorite song since your Saint's Row IV song 'Higher Tonight'. The lyrics are excellent and the music is well-composed and fitting. I do have one small criticism though, if I may. It's something I noticed in this song and many others of yours, is that your voice stays...
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    Among the Sleep Review - Baby Steps

    "I stake my foreskin on this game's success." - Jim Sterling, from Among the Sleep Kickstarter page. Does this review mean there's going to be staking then? Because if yes, you better film it.
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    Risen 3: Titan Lords Teaser Trailer Pits Sword Against Demon

    Risen 2 was the biggest load of shit I ever played. I can run Skyrim on ultra high, but unless I turned all the setting way down, Risen 2 crashed my computer on the first cutscene. The less said about the gameplay, the beter. I can't even express how much I despise everything about Risen 2...
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    Dark Souls 2: Of Missing Monsters and Bustling Bases

    Interesting, I always thought of those with Lord Souls as humans that simply took greater souls to set themselves apart. The Lord Souls allowed them to take power, build cities and make the land flourish. So I agree, humans are likely not being punished, I thought of them more as the actual...
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    Dark Souls 2: Of Missing Monsters and Bustling Bases

    I like to think there are greater powers in the Dark Souls universe. And those powers really don't like how humans, or those with lord souls, were messing about with the nature of the soul. Gwyn split his soul up, Seath did horrific experiments and so forth. So I like to think of the undead...
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    Bad Timing - How Clocks in Games Ruin the Fun

    The mission timer is pretty much the reason I never have, and never will, play a Monster Hunter game. I hate having a time limit, no matter how generous people claim it is.
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    Lords of Shadow 2 Studio Boss: "One Must Be Blind or Stupid" to Give It a 4/10

    It's nice to see a head of a studio actually defend his game, instead of grovel and apologize to the masses and agreeing that their own game sucks. Having actually played the game myself, I have to agree that critics are idiots. The 'stealth' sections (feel more like puzzles really) are...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    Sorry, but when I read a review, I want objective criticisms of the game. A reviewer can point out that he did not enjoy something, but it should not affect his actual score. The only thing that should affect score are actual overarching flaws, like bad controls or confusing story-telling or the...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    I find this review shockingly unprofessional and uninformative. A reviewer's subjectivity should not be praised, especially not when it comes to professional game journalism. I don't read a review to get some dude's opinion. I want to know if the controls are smooth and if the cars handle well...
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    Electronic Arts Repeats as "Worst Company in America"

    Ah yeah, you're right. My bad. Still, I think there are worse American publishers than EA. ActiBlizzard, or whatever they are called, are pretty terrible when it comes to customers. Diablo 3 was a massive letdown, worse than anything EA had done around the same time.
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    Electronic Arts Repeats as "Worst Company in America"

    EA is right about one thing. They release a lot of games. Many of them big AAA titles. So they get a lot of press and attention and are very visible in the games industry. Which is probably why they ended up in this ridiculous poll, rather than Ubisoft. Which is a far worse company in my...
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    Dire Wolf Project Breeding Pets for Game of Thrones Fans

    The big bodies of larger breeds do more work than those of smaller dogs. Over the course of their lives this tends to put more stress on the heart, organs, and joints, resulting in statistically shorter life spans. Pretty disgusted with this. That lifespan goal is a nice dream, but I doubt it...