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    241: World of Spycraft

    Nice article, definitely intrigued me.
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    Reset Generation Hits Macs, Kongregate

    Even though it's a web-based game, it wasn't playable on Mac or Linux until now. Pretty good stuff, addictive game and pretty funny (though some of the characters were just so absurdly broad and stereotypical, the joke got old quickly, like the Pokemon girl, the ninja and the Sonic stand-in).
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    PopCap Wins Big With Plants vs. Zombies

    I do wonder why PopCap allowed Steam to undercut their price by half ($10 vs. $20 that they offer on their site). It's mostly annoying because I want to purchase the Mac version.
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    190: Albert's Arcade

    Good article.
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    Guitar Hero Gets "Greatest Hits"

    I don't think this is necessarily a terrible idea. It's disappointing for owners of GH 3 especially, but a lot of those songs weren't master tracks - if they spring for those, that plus the drum, bass and vocal additions could make it worth the price. The swarm of spin-off titles is getting to...
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    Editor's Note: Minority Report

    It's sad that some of the response threads have already elicited the typical kneejerk internet gamer responses (i.e. it's just a game, there are more important things so let's dismiss it, it doesn't need to reflect reality, these people are looking for something to complain about/why don't you...
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    184: Gangbangers, Victims, and Whores

    This was an interesting article. Now that I think of it, I don't believe I've ever actually read something examining the roles of Latinos in video games.
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    179: The Slot-1 Secret

    This may be true - but as with the Playstation 2's success, the overall success of the DS system has granted possibilities for more hardcore titles released due to the base numbers being large enough to support them. This year alone we've gotten big critically acclaimed genre titles...
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    179: The Slot-1 Secret

    Interesting article. It's hard to get conclusive information on the rates and effects of DS flash cart piracy, but it is surprisingly widespread and easy. I'm quite saddened at the Contra IV numbers, it definitely deserved more success than that, despite being on the extreme side of hardcore...