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    Wooly Mammoth Genes Slipped Into Elephant DNA

    Personally I take a different stance and I'm all for. There are a few issues you touch on that I'd like to address though. You mention that like in Jurassic Park, these mammoths won't be mammoths but will be mammoth/elephant hybrids. This is technically true, but in reality there's a good...
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    Wooly Mammoth Genes Slipped Into Elephant DNA

    If you're looking for a serious answer I actually work on mammoths (and other extinct North American megafauna), and mammoths have teeth that made them well adapted to grind grasses. Mastodons on the other hand had pointer teeth that were made to crush shrubs and branches.
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    Your DNA Into a Video Game? Helix Profile Wants to Import It - Update 2

    Dumbest thing I've read in a while. Not only is this an ethical pit, but this would never work. It still costs at last 1 grand to sequence a genome and take a few days. Even if they only look at a few loci, there's no easy way to do it on a large scale and the turn around times would be...
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    2048 Is a "Broken Rip-Off," Says Threes Team

    Probably. Honestly all there is to see here is some developers with a stick up there ass that are angry people are playing a similar game and not theirs. Honestly, that kind of how the game industry works. People have an idea, others go that's a good idea, and try to copy it/improve it a little...
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    Woolly Mammoth Clones: Arriving Soon

    This article is very misleading. The scientists are very much not working on the woolly mammoth. All work right now revolves around the passenger pigeon. The mammoth isn't even a blip on the radar right now, at least for this group. Its a dream for future projects, nothing more.
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    Steam Greenlight Helped Boost Not On Steam Sales

    Ya this exactly. I have so much shit to play that unless I'm super excited for a game, it not being on steam is a deal breaker. I have too many games to worry about where they're all located when it comes time to finally pick something new to play. Not to mention it might be wise to consider...
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    Game of Thrones Season Four Gets First Official Trailer

    I imagine GRRM will take a more active role and direct as he writes. I know for a fact that he already told the producers the whole arc on how the series will end so that if he dies they can finish it.
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    Science Discovers the Secret to Successful Writing

    Well to be fair, most companies don't look at 800 different copies of the same/similar product and carefully analyze them for a trend. Focus groups too are okay, but can very quickly produce flawed results if you aren't careful choosing your actual groups to study. That's not to say you're...
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    Science Discovers the Secret to Successful Writing

    That's not entirely true. Yes on an individual level you might find quite a few differences, but as a whole we are pretty homogenous on a lot of topics and trends. You see it in both culture and nature. There are just certain appearances and trends that resonate with the vast majority of people...
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    League of Legend Dev Responds to Greed Accusations

    I don't know if its changed since I stopped but you got about 100-145 IP per game not counting the win of the day bonus (150 IP). A new champion was released once every 2 weeks, and literally every single one cost 6300. Seeing as that 145 IP was for a standard game about 1 hour long it required...
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    Canadian National Defense Spent $14,000 on Superpower Survey

    I know you're joking (or at least half joking), but this was my first thought too. 14k isn't exactly a lot for a research study. Granted this was a questionaire, but compared to studies in some other fields this is really just pennies.
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    God of War Blades of Chaos Come to Life

    They look very nice, but he should've made it smaller I think. Maybe reduce it by 1/4 to 1/3. It looks huge as it is right now.
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    Call of Duty: Online Has Been Overrun by Robot Zombies

    That's what I came here to say. It seems like the most likely case. I know in Dota 2 they had to change some of the heroes and icons to accomadate that too. So some heroes like lifesteal (pic below) got their more zombie like parts removed and replaced by metal.
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    The Quota

    Can't remember how it was in LoL, but in Dota 2 one wave will come out on top (at least initially). I can't remember if anyone has actually tested to see if without any outside influence one team of creeps continuously wins over another, since the games would go hours, but at the start of the...
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    The Quota

    Last hitting is a necessary by product to offer the possibility of lane control. If it was simply whoever does the most damage you would probably have to push out your creeps after every single wave. Not to mention if this was the scenario it would become very easy for every hero with burst AoE...