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    Lightning Could Appear in Future Final Fantasy's

    Well, sure, that was how it used to be; but you underestimate the power of Toriyama: "Lightning Strikes", an event in FFXIV, in which Lightning appears in this world as a major quest giver and plot character, given her own personal...
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    Lightning Could Appear in Future Final Fantasy's

    Nobura (Director of FFXV) did however state in an interview that they officially scrapped all connections and ties to XIII completely and made it unrelated (Therein lies the whole Versus XIII into XV). So no, it is (fortunately!) unrelated to XIII in any way. They are doing their own thing, and...
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    Guise of the Wolf Dev Takes Down Negative YouTube Review - Update 2

    Here's the thing about the whole "You have no proof it's real" / "It is photoshopped/manipulated" that makes this so absurd: TB has already had his PR guy release a video showing the header info of the email; that is the raw form they received the email in. And even though I'm not that heavily...
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    Guise of the Wolf Dev Takes Down Negative YouTube Review - Update 2

    Yeah, true on that, but the convoluted level it is on, is downright mind boggling. And concerning the whole 15 min thing, there are some exceptions and workarounds if you are associated with a network, most of the heavy things are on 2 strikes (and even then it is not outright damning for...
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    Guise of the Wolf Dev Takes Down Negative YouTube Review - Update 2

    Here is the thing though about the strikes after the latest Youtube overhaul: You lose privileges depending on the number of strikes you currently have on your channel: Several of the features here are removed depending on how many strikes...
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    Rumor: Sony Has Bought Crash Bandicoot From Activision

    ...I... I.... I don't even know what to believe. Don't you dare toy with my fragile Crash heart strings here! I am still mourning what happened to Crash in the later games. ...But if this is true, even in the slightest. At all. If they can do this right, and return Crash in all his old...
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    Day One: Garry's Incident Devs Accused of Censoring Bad Review

    Of all the critics to try and censor... Wild Games Studio goes after the one who has a law degree. But on the topic at hand; It is quite disturbing how badly constructed (and easy to abuse) this system evidently is. I still remember the whole Shining Force debacle about a year ago, and the...
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    Mass Effect Lead Writer: Next Game Can't Be A Spin Off

    Oh yeah absolutely, I don't doubt about the whole part of who has control and the flaws of Karpyshyn. Was just talking about them as lead writers - they do move the universe's plot and fate of it in one direction or another, not just ending, but mood and thematics too. Karpyshyn did create this...
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    Mass Effect Lead Writer: Next Game Can't Be A Spin Off

    Again as mentioned earlier, it sadly comes back to what Karpyshyn wanted vs what Walters wanted for the franchise in terms of lore. Different ideals pulls in different directions, and one persons' work is no more sacred than their successor's desire to also have a legacy really. It feels like...
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    Mass Effect Lead Writer: Next Game Can't Be A Spin Off

    I sincerely doubt it, hoping for it, but doubt it. The ME universe was conceived/created by someone else; Drew Karpyshyn (Kotor, Baldurs, Neverwinter, ME1 and ME2 etc.). Heck, Walters wasn't even in on the first game at all, he co-wrote the second, with Karpyshyn still leading the go of...
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    Payday 2 Sells 1.58 Million Copies, Most Are Digital Sales

    Meanwhile in the AAA industry, they are currently collapsing in on themselves, by the sheer perplexed state of mind, of how this thing can sell without twice the amount of development budget put into marketing it/advertising it. Ridicule aside, really nice to see them do so well, a passion...
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    EA Exec: Xbox One and PS4 Are "A Generation Ahead" Of PC

    As much as I am happy to see an actual progression after 8 years of standstill in the console world (so we can finally have a unified raise in standard of games and ports)... that has got to be the funniest statement I have heard all week. Now is the time to celebrate the broken down wagon...
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    PS4 Will Not Need To Be Always Online

    Thank all that is holy for a voice of reason and a sane decision. We are still waiting Microsoft, hopefully all of that silence is not an attempt to ackwardly backpedal and last-minute change the console. The PS4 (despite its shortcommings) sounds more and more appealing compared to...
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    Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube Nears the Final Layers

    Spoiler alert: Within the center of it lies the single and only copy of the real Fable 2. It will however disintegrate if attempted to be tampered/copied or upon completing it.
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    Ubisoft CEO Thinks Gamers Are Ready For Always-On Consoles

    Ah... these elusive 'benefits' we have kept hearing about for years... yet seemingly unable to take physical shape and form, and actually be shared with us. Truly they sound absolutely transcended in nature. We simply cannot comprehend their existence!