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    Book Recommendation: The One Who Eats Monsters by Casey Matthews

    Yeah it's perhaps a little niche, but I love it all the same
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    Book Recommendation: The One Who Eats Monsters by Casey Matthews

    it's gritty YA urban fantasy lesbian romance between Naomi, a republican senator's daughter, and Ryn, essentially an elder god in human form. A warning right off the bat, It can be dark (TW: Discussions of rape and paedophilia, and some fairly brutal violence) but it walks a delicate line of...
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    Multiplayer Paint-Squid Game Splatoon Coming in May 2015

    God this game is so cute XD I love all the artwork that's already out there.
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    Unskippable: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death - Villain Stereotype Checklist

    What the hell was any of that?! The entire plot would have never happened if Evil Bald Dud had just let his hench woman shoot him instead of using the random-ass scythe that was just sitting in the corner!
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    Fan Trailer Imagines Nintendo's Post-Console Future

    HOW ABOUT NO! Also, If they ever did go under, they should just lock everything in a vault where none of it can be ruined. If they did go third party, releasing on touchscreen only devices (the worst possible way to play a video game) would be the worst idea >=( I have a lot of feelings about...
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    Miyamoto Shows Off The Legend of Zelda, Discusses Starfox at Game Awards

    Friends I have decided to give in and submit to the hype. I am one with it now. Do not weep for me
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    No Plans For Paid DLC in Super Smash Bros. 4

    People not hating Nintendo? On the Escapist? If only science could invent a way for that to happen...
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    Robot Fights For Its Humanity in Chappie Trailer

    hmmm, Looks like one to watch, I think.
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    Is Nintendo Back? Company Reports Unexpected Profits

    You're right. To be fair, it's hard when you feel like your favorite thing is under attack, but yeah, you're right.
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    Is Nintendo Back? Company Reports Unexpected Profits

    I was unaware that they were missing. The Xbone is still selling worse than the Wii U, any chance that Microsoft will be the one everyone thinks is DOOOOOOOOMED next?
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: The Podcast Recorded Before Marvel Blew Our Minds

    So are you gonna do one post-mind bomb? Cause I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    Feed Dump: Wrong Lot, Right Andy

    So Andy is actually Freakazoid transported into the real world, right?
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    Environmental Viral Ad Darkly Spoofs The Lego Movie - Update

    But how can Greenpeace use a mouse and keyboard, when their fists are made of Ham?
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    Tomorrowland Teaser: First Look at Disney's Science-Utopia

    Please, Please be a movie about the future for us optimists. I just hope this utopia is a real utopia and doesn't have a dark secret or anything