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    I miss Loading Ready Run...

    PSA: various members of LRR stream almost daily on Twitch and if you're into MtG, Friday Nights has been ongoing. They post about once a month. latest vid:
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    Feed Dump: Wrong Lot, Right Andy

    As a Green Bay resident, I can assure you many news sources have that hat. Also, is it just me, or does Andy's hair look more blonde here then red?
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    Feed Dump: Idiot Loses Election to Robot

    Yes, Serge needs to Dump more often! And of course Alex is a robot - how else explain his obsession with lady-bots?
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    Feed Dump: The Sweet Smell of Theft

    I feel like I should've seen the Things on my Head bit coming, but I didn't. Instead I laughed my ass off.
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    Sons of Anarchy Creator Confirms SOA Video Game

    *reads headline* First reaction: "Ooooo!" 3 seconds later: "But it'll probably be terrible"
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    Neil Gaiman Joins The Game-Making Biz

    So... it's 'Haunting Starring Polterguy' (anyone remember that one?) written by Neil Gaiman?
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    Feed Dump: Cam Hates Animals

    Dammit, I was taking a drink when Cam started describing peeing in everything....
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    Feed Dump: The Poop Episode

    This episode of Feed Dump brought to you by the letter F and the number 2. The idea of a "Non-Euclidean fuck machine" terrifies me, Beej.
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    Robotoki Panic Button Leads to LAPD Raid

    Nope, like this: (At least, it was my first thought.)
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    The Walking Dead Heads Humble Weekly Sale

    Gah, I just bought all of the Walking Dead episodes a couple weeks ago... Totally worth it, BTW, but some of that money could've gone to charity (and other games!)
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    Feed Dump: Workplace Comp

    Agreed. A random episode like this one, thrown in occasionally.... much fun.
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    CPC Golf

    I laugh because I would have been just as bad.
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    Geeks and Six Foot Ceilings

    I also feel that hat needs to appear in Feed Dump. And you've just reinforced my recent desires to get a Nerf gun for no reason. Dammit.
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    Feed Dump: No Foot For You

    James is always the cop.
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    Feed Dump: Commentary All Stars

    Whoa, Brad and Morgan?! Now we just have to get Bill back in a video! Also, wtf is with those glasses Morgan is wearing... and feathers?