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    Poll: How bad is your current backlog?

    I currently have 10, but they are exclusively games I got through bundle deals. Since I started with sports, my gaming has really decreased, so I haven't spent time finishing games but I haven't bought many new ones either. Currently: Company of Heroes plus expansions Darkest Hour: Europe...
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    a social experiment on racism

    I haven't watched the video and I won't argue for one side or the other, but when it comes to conversations about racism, I think a fitting video is "A Conversation About Race".
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    Feed Dump: NSFW Ladies Extravaganza

    You had me at "hockey". No, but seriously, Ash needs to work on her penalty kill.
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    Are you celebrating Tabletop day?

    Going to honor tabletop day by playing a tabletop game. ...on my PC. There. I said it.
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    Hunting for the Perfect Game for Us

    Portal 2 has some pretty good co-op, but it might be a bit short.
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    Worst waste of story telling potential that annoyed you.

    The movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. It begins with a world that has been punished by the ravages of war, they are taking whatever resources they can and get ready to move to another planet, they are simply just left to oversee the machines and to stop occasional attacks by unknown beings. It...
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    Poll: Illness

    I'm sick right now with a common cold, they usually hit me pretty hard, but the last time I was sick was about a year ago, before that about 6 months and before that about 2.5 years. So irregular intervals, but fortunately it doesn't get me too often.
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    Sony Selling Waterproof MP3 Player Inside Bottles of Water

    Actually, yes, it is exactly a valid excuse for it having poor storage. This is specifically made for being able to listen to music while working out in wet conditions. You don't need more than a couple hours of music because, here's the kicker, you can replace the songs between workout...
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    Poll: How Big is Too Big?

    As a fan of science, look at that curve. Almost perfect Gaussian distribution. OT: I chose 4 as too much because I'm not an anime fan, so I'm a bit bland and boring.
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    Yup, this is my hell.

    Probably something to do with fire or just heat, which sounds like a stereotypical hell, but for the fact that I have a phobia for getting burnt. Not the normal "Oh, getting burnt hurts, I don't want that." but more of an extreme reaction to that, like when you can't handle an oven without your...
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    Make a drinking game for any video game

    Play Ocarina of Time, drink every time Navi says "Hey!" or "Listen!". You'll be too drunk to continue playing before an hour has passed.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Four PS4s

    I could not stop laughing while watching this video, positively hilarious.
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    Seven Sins Personality Question

    1 - Sloth: I lack a whole lot of motivation and as such don't really go for anything. 2 - Pride: I usually refuse to ask for help and I'd prefer to appear as if I never need any. 3 - Wrath: My anger isn't as "fiery" as most people, but it's probably more definite. Once I get angry and...
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    Let's see your desktop

    Oh, look, a fellow user with a cluttered desktop! I keep mine messy because I like to have easier access to the stuff I use, even though I never really use any programs from the second and third vertical rows. Also, the reason for the background is because I am mildly obsessed with ice hockey.
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    A hypothetical question, especially for the atheists and skeptics in the audience...

    The Russian winter defeating both Napoleon and Hitler. Two of the biggest wars in Russian history just happened to occur during winters where it was exceptionally cold, and neither of the two attackers remembered to accommodate for that. Probably as close to divine intervention as I can think of.