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    League of Legends and DOTA should not be called strategy games

    Do you have trouble forming a coherent thought? Watch a Dota game. If you give the enemy a few hero kills early, it will snowball and chances are, you will lose. If you destroy towers in Dota, they can no longer be used to teleport to. This places a serious strain on both defense and offense...
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    Smallest thing online players annoy you with?

    At the moment? Russians in Dota 2 that can't speak English, or, atleast refuse to.
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    Poll: Boil Down to Warrior, Mage, or Scout.

    I don't think you play many modern MMOs, do you? Currently it revolves around talent trees to decide if you are AoE or single target
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    Are your number of unplayed games increasing? And is that a problem?

    I play MMO games most of the time, so with atleast 6 hours a day going towards WoW, then 2 to Dota, yeah, I am sitting on a backlog of about 200 games on steam alone. Some games I wanted to play that fell to the wayside, for example The Last of Us (No, not on steam) and other games I didn't...
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    Dark Souls or Demon's Souls, which is mechanically harder?

    I felt Demons Souls was more fair. You never felt cheated. I played 400 hours of that game and every death I could blame on me. Dark Souls felt cheap in comparison.
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    Good MMO so show my girlfriend?

    SWTOR is a cool game, but if you or her aren't interested in Star Wars Id say its a no go. Rift is nice looking, free to play but its a bit clunky, especially at the start. Aion is pretty, but also fairly clunky at times Lord of the Rings Online has a nice story, but doesn't look all too...
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    Ideas To Improve Next Elder Scrolls Melee Combat

    Yes! Add quicktime events to Elder Scrolls! Just what they need!
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    Amazing PC Case Mods

    Wolverine from Sweclockers has some pretty baller cases aswell
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    Death of difficulty in games.

    I prefer the CPU to be fair, not rubberbanded or breaking game mechanics. Its the same thing as increasing the difficulty in a shooting game should in my opinion disable auto aim.
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    300 Heroes Rips Off League of Legends, Naruto, Shrek and More

    Its a common tactic, its a dreadful thing and the people who do it should never get a single viewer, but, it works.
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    Your most hated RPG status effect

    Dark Souls Curse/Petrify All my hate. I know its a Hack & Slash game according to move but I'm going to go ahead and say its an RPG. Otherwise, being that I play a lot of MMOs, I find all other effects to be fair and obviously, to have their counters.
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    the old republic is it worth it?

    If you like MMO games, it is worth every single cent. I am currently loving it, I got into early access on the 15th. But if you do not usually like MMORPG's I wouldn't recommend it
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    Blizzard account hacked for the 6th time

    You do realise that Death Knights (Not Black Knights) start at level 55, right?
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    What's the Most Immersive Game You've Ever Played?

    If you don't think of Dark Alliance 1 & 2 as Baldurs Gate they're actually really good games.
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    Poll: Spyros New Look

    So, Spyro Skylanders is the newest addition to the long running Spyro series of games. The gimmick of the game is that you buy these toys and put them in some kind of contraption and they come into the game, I'm not looking into it. But, what do you think of the new spyro appearance? If...