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    What do you look like behind the avatar?

    You can copy them... Not sure about taking them, though - I think I still need them. :)
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    What do you look like behind the avatar?

    At last! One of these I can reasonably post in!
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    Saints Row IV Adds Obama Avatar in Pre-Order Bonus

    This is awesome. I'm torn between playing a warmongering bully Obama (dressed as a rodeo clown?) or just plain Ronald Raygun (I assume). Also major props to Deep Silver for being nonpartisan.
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    Kalypso Unveils Tropico 5

    Anno 3060, of course! Space exploration and colony-building. :) It looks like Kalypso are managing to add new elements to the formula this time, which is nice. Tropico 4 wasn't that different from 3; this looks significantly improved.
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    Escape to the Movies: Elysium

    ...It's Occupy Wall Street: The Propaganda Piece: The Movie. Do not want. In all seriousness, though, if Hollywood ever gets its head out of its rear and makes a "meaningful" film that isn't spouting the same liberal party line dogma my half the country has come to know and hate, I'd love...
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    Sims Dev: "Nobody" Questioned Inclusion of Same-Sex Relationships

    Ok... But.. Where's the option to play a trans sim? With all the pills and surgeries and genetic lotteries and interaction difficulties that go with it? ...Maybe in Sims 4? *Hopeful*
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    A short treatise on open worlds: Or, one of the few ways Skyrim fails

    With the better hardware now available, procedural generation needs to come into its own. Why have nameless 'citizen's when you can generate individuals on the fly? Why have pocket-sized cities when you can have proper medieval towns? Why have a 16-square-mile map when you can have a...
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    Bees Are Dying, Scientists Have Found Out Why

    Three options: Stop using pesticides, include chemicals that kill off this fungus, or include a 'fungal vaccine' of a sort. Science will find a way.
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    "Project Logan" Brings Direct X 11 To Smartphones

    Hearsay has it it's got less power draw than current smartphone graphics processors - on the order of 3 watts. So, you may not care, but you don't need to sacrifice either.
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    Gearbox Announces HD Remakes of Homeworld 1 And 2

    Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes! I trust Gearbox with a remake, I think. 20k poly models, new shaders and effects, 10x better textures... It'll be a beautiful thing!
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    You challenge Death to a competition for your soul: What do you challenge him to?

    Assuming stereotypical skeletal Death: Wet shirt contest. If not (which seems logical as most women could then live forever): Tic Tac Toe.
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    Predict the plot of games you just bought

    Kerbal Space Program The minions from Despicable Me build a rocket, launch it, and crash into the moon. Repeatedly. For mild comedy value.
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    SimCity Expansion Could Add Offline Mode

    If they do that 'greed vs green' thing they need to balance it closer to reality. Say, essential utilities cost twice as much, require subsidies to remain in business, overall lower quality of life, and new 'green' challenges introduced every few years that you have to meet or you lose the...
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    How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

    Having had this just happen to me recently, I can say with some certainty I freak out a little and start walking much faster. Of course, that was a homeless bum.
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    Halo Warthog Celebrates LGBT Pride In Seattle

    First problem: Calling values 'bigotry'. The argument being made is, basically, "my views are inherently better than yours so shut up you bigot." Which is not a valid argument. You can't take away what hasn't been given. And letting people give new rights does not make people's opposition of...