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    Inexplicably popular books.

    Never did get the love for Pride and Prejudice. I found it so dull, would much rather have read something by a Bronte sister if we were going for the historical romance genre
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    Time Travel and Secondary Super Powers

    Latin might be helpful for reading things, but the lingua franca in the Roman Empire tended to be Greek. We also know little about how Classical Latin or Greek were actually spoken; might be there were a ton of dialects or differences in the spoken form that don't show up in official written...
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    Star Wars 9: The Sky of Ricewalker: A senseless, incoherent nightmare.

    The thing that most annoyed annoyed me is that if you wanted Palpatine back (which is something I feel you shouldn't have done but fine, whatevs) you already have a built in excuse for him to pop up: he's a force ghost too. What better way for the master manipulator who created the Clone Wars...
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    [Politics] UK Suspends Parliament

    Oh lets hope he bows at precisely the right angle since the media was so keen on yelling at him about that last year
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    The Fallout of the Impeachment of the 45th.

    Oh I have no doubt there?s some thoroughly shady shit Pence has been up to, I?m just interested to see if an impeachment committee can actually prove it. Or has he managed to keep enough distance even if Trump is trying to drag him closer? Being sure Pence is corrupt in your head is very...
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    What's your favourite edition of DnD?

    Only ever played 5e. So that one
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    Gaming Concepts You Absolutely Loathe

    Oh yes, I encountered a version of that recently! My enemy had a navy, I didn't yet. Since they would just attack any ship that got built on the coast they controlled, I started building well away from what they could logically see, on an entirely different island. As soon as my first ship...
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    Gaming Concepts You Absolutely Loathe

    When the rules that apply to restrict me do not apply to the enemy I'm fighting. Admittedly I'm thinking more in terms of RTS games where enemy factions seem to eternally have all the resources they need to build however much of whatever they want despite me doing my best to wreck their...
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    The Fallout of the Impeachment of the 45th.

    On the assumption that the impeachment does rid you guys of Trump, who takes over? I'd guess it would jump tp Pence, he seems to have kept himself somewhat separated from all the other scandals, unlike a lot of people who've already taken a fall for Trump's crimes. But is that a better or worse...
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    Do you enjoy ASMR?

    I was at an opticians a year or so ago getting my prescription updated and a new set of glasses properly fitted, and started getting the ASMR effect when the optician started running through the usual tests. Been seeing opticians for two thirds of my life now and thats the first time thats...
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    Turn out, partial ownership by chinese company is not a good thing...

    Honestly at this point I think its just because it a meme rather than any accurate comparison. It happened once, he didn't like it and Streisand effect kicked in so now everyone does it
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    Shepard Smith leaves Fox News

    Yeah, all I'm seeing is a lot of words continuing to demonstrate you either genuinely don't understand data or are wilfully misinterpreting it to try and suit your own purposes. Come back when you're not operating on Opposite Land logic
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    Share Your Shower Thoughts

    Her posts were generally well researched and insightful and I do miss them. Same with bastardofmelbourne, what happened to him?
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    Shepard Smith leaves Fox News

    Yeah, see, the article itself makes a lot of insistence that its more of a problem for Democrats than Republicans...but did you actually check the sources the article linked? Because the actual results indicate that its largely the same for either side, with two of the articles three relevant...
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    White Cop murders Black Person in their own home...AGAIN!

    More I wonder why you give your cops firearms