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    The Dangers of Dialogue

    I think the 'Bioware Face' you describe is more accurately described as the 'Bethesda Face', given that Bioware is at least more recently putting some effort into making conversation scenes more varied in terms of camera, movement etc. Plus there was the whole 'we had an entire team study and...
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    Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition to Share "Core Systems"

    Bioware used pretty much the same engine for Neverwinter Nights and KOTOR (plus KOTOR's mechanics were pretty much a bastardised version of the bastardised version of 3rd Ed D&D NWN used). Bethesda used the same engine and base mechanics for Oblivion and Fallout. Myriad different games have been...
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    Your Game Music is Bland and You Should Feel Bad

    I think the problem is less about whether or not modern soundtracks are distinctive - I think most of us could name one or two memorable ones. I think it's more to do with that game soundtracks are less willing to experiment with genre. These days, by and large the orchestra holds sway. I'd like...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Getting High-Res PC Release

    I would argue that one of the main plot points of the game was that being a moody, depressing bastard isn't so great, and maybe Squall should lighten up a bit. For example, with the way the game juxtaposes him against Laguna.
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    Mass Effect Almost Had a Non-Humanoid Squadmate

    As a squadmate? This one does not share top billing...
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    Poll: Everyday person's throne

    I tend to be holding something like a book or an iPod, so I lean forward so as not to be dangling it precariously over the bowl.
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    Zero Punctuation: Lego City Undercover

    Now I'm wondering if the hat and hair people get along alright.
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    Jim and Yahtzee Join Forces in Rhymedown Spectacular

    Rhyme is by no means the sum total of poetry. See the work of pretty much anyone who makes/made their living as a poet.
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    The Art of Living Dangerously

    For me, I think one of the keys to a QTE segment is to have the button combinations feel appropriate to the kinds of actions your character is taking. The worse designed QTEs have button selections that seem entirely arbitrary, and so you cannot develop an instinct to be using them ahead of...
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    Lara's Damsel in Distress

    Not to dismiss your point, as I often find myself yelling at characters who seem to be doing absolutely nothing to help themselves, but being paralysed by fear is a real and potent thing. I've seen people in much more minor crises be rendered completely helpless before - I remember one time when...
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    Bioware Working on a New IP

    Rock on. Interested to see where they take what they've learned over the last couple of years. Plenty of genres and settings out there that could do with the healthy dose of narrative focus and player choice elements. If they did, I hope they consider overhauling the gameplay wholesale. It...
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    BioWare: Next Mass Effect Isn't Mass Effect 4

    Lovely bit of sculpture you've done there. I like the straw, and it looks very mannish. More games after the conclusion of Shepard's story seemed inevitable from the very first game. The scope was too great. Like Star Trek and Star Wars before it, it would be barmy to have such a vast...
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    So there's this project happening that I thought you guys would find very interesting

    My concern is what kind of a time investment it would require to play. Building all of human history to this point in real life took thousands of years. If everything happens manually, as the game seems to suggest, how much player input is required for any real advancement, and how much time are...
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    So, you're making love to music that you left on shuffle...

    I have plenty of songs that would merely kill the mood. I think if this one came on though, it would make things weird:
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    Save Scummer

    My favourite episode of emergent failure gameplay was in Guild Wars, when my entire party was murdered in the Hall of Heroes - except for me as I was the only one who'd brought along any skills that increased movement speed. I ran away and hid, then everything turned into a cat-and-mouse stealth...