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    Lords of the Fallen Review - The Fake Dark Souls Starts Here

    Thanks for the suggestion. Pity to hear that Witcher 2 is not letting you in, so to speak--I remember that feeling. I'll definitely wait and see, and go back to that Wanderer no-level-up run in the meantime. x)
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    Lords of the Fallen Review - The Fake Dark Souls Starts Here

    I recently have been playing Arkham Origins and actually quite enjoying it, even if AT LEAST half of what makes it good was just directly brought over from Asylum/City. However, even though the writing is quite poor in places, what makes it still worthwhile to me (rather than just playing City...
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    Why Were Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation So Good?

    ...was there a second page to this I missed somehow, or is the answer to the title's question of "Why Were Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation So Good?" really *supposed* to be "I HATE THE CINEMA"? (Or, as a more likely third option, was the title kind of not properly matched to the piece...
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    Rumor: Warner Bros. Imposes "No Jokes" Rule On DC Comics Movies

    The obvious comment is that this will quite probably turn any upcoming DC movies in to one big series of jokes. And bad movies. (If it's accurate, that is.)
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    Zero Punctuation: The Amazing Spider Man 2

    So does Yahtzee keep going over Spiderman games out of some faint hope they'll lightning-strike recapture Spiderman 2 (rather like Silent Hill that way in retrospect) orrrr...? Or that, I suppose.
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    Bethesda Hates Mages: 12 Reasons Magic in Skyrim Sucks

    I must apologize, but I'm mostly just amused at the contrast between this and, say, 3rd edition D&D, where ANYTHING that doesn't cast spells is just plain inferior to casters. Turnabout is fair play???
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    EXP: ScrewAttack's Death Battle! Chun Li vs Maishiranui

    Wait, "87"/55"/91"", what the..oh, centimeters. So almost the same as Chun Li, actually, since that'd be 34.2/21.6/35.8 in inches. Okaaay then.
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    Steam Summer Sale: What did you buy?

    So far, only bought New Vegas Ultimate Edition for a friend, but I am currently staring at the Knights of the Old Republic games...and also played some Mount & Blade: Warband, which I got during the last summer sale.
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    Miracle of Sound: Niko It's Your Cousin! (GTA IV)

    I seem to remember you comparing this in some way to Wigglesticks before it was posted, and now that I've listened to it (60+ times between here and the YT version...) I think that was pretty spot-on, at least for this listener: both helpfully sum up my issues with both games in a really, REALLY...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    I...kind of was hoping for 'more' from this one, honestly. It felt like a large part of the video was more about the (entirely true) overuse of zombi--I mean "Infected"--in popular culture plus Yahtzee's problems with Naughty Dog in general, than about specifically The Last of Us. I was looking...
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    Games you Love Despite Objectively horrible gameplay?

    It's not "terrible" per se, but I definitely think I liked the Revenge of the Sith video game more than it "deserved" on anything approaching an objective level: it made some definite bad choices and wasn't exactly hugely groundbreaking, but boy was it fun for me. If it had given the ability to...
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    Kinect Causes Trouble for Viewers During Xbox One Reveal

    This is the second-funniest thing I've read all day. It's beautiful.
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    Jimquisition: Xbox One out of Ten

    The opening to this video is very similar to the opening of the Zero Punctuation for Aliens: Colonial Marines; anyone else notice that? I love it.
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    Research Warns of Crazy, Computer-Eating Ant Invasion

    .......wot. I remember fire ant nests as a constant Thing whenever I visited Florida: they would just be hanging out in those mounds, and honestly were more of a fascination than a bother or threat to me, though I was of course a visitor and never lived long-term in Florida. This, ah, this...