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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    Logged back in for the first time in YEARS to say: Welcome Home Bob! (I've technically still been watching your stuff on Youtube in the meantime, but welcome back none-the-less)
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    Unskippable: Metal Wolf Chaos - Mecha Commander-In-Chief

    I'm really sad to see this go but what a way to go out! That was an awesome episode (already watched it twice...probably watch it one more time). But now, Yahtzee is all that's left of this channel that seems to be trying desperately hard to lose all of it's fanbase. At least they let LRR part...
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    Black Widow's Origin Explored in Agent Carter

    It's funny you mentioned girls and mothers watching, cause my wife has been too. We rarely watch the same things. She has no interests in my shows (Agents, Mythbusters, sports, internet shows), but she actually wanted to watch the first episode with me and has been hooked ever since. Nice to see...
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    Unskippable: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death - Villain Stereotype Checklist

    Oh please tell me you guys will GPLP this? This looks hilarious!
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    Destiny Ushers in a New Era of Blatant Cash Grabs

    I sure didn't. Watched the rehearsed demo at last year's E3 if I remember right, and I thought then it was meh. And then everyone gushed about it. I was so confused. Maybe Yahtzee's pessimistic expectations for games is sinking in, but I never thought this looked like the next big thing...
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    When Captain America Throws His Crappy Shield

    True. That is the role he's known for now.
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    When Captain America Throws His Crappy Shield

    From Captain America to David "Blast Hardcheese" Ryder in Space Mutiny. Such is the downfall of Reb "Big McLargeHuge" Brown.
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    Game of Thrones Houses Imagined as World Cup Soccer Uniforms

    Those look pretty awesome. I almost want to see this be a thing now.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Different Endings - Update

    Or he could just be exaggerating as a way of saying the game would be multi-disc if they had 8 or so people repeat the exact same lines. That was how I read it. OT: I, like others, are going to take the wait-and-see approach for this game. I want to play to continue the saga, but am more...
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    Is this negative "nice guy" stereotype actually a thing?

    When I wrote that, I was implying the feeling was mutual from her. Obviously if she shows no interest, you move on. That's the point I was making: being a nice guy isn't a foolproof plan or a plan at all. It is how a man should act. Everything else should determine if there is a connection.
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    Is this negative "nice guy" stereotype actually a thing?

    And you hit it right on the nose. I would describe part of my personality as a nice guy, but not my central characteristic. I am nice in the sense that I try to be gentleman to all women, not just ones I have an interest in. I go beyond that for someone I like (I'm married now, so this is...
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    Escape to the Movies: Son of God

    As a Christian, I like how Bob handled this. Kept his review professional and judged the movie as it is, not as a religious soapbox to preach one way or another. I was curious how it would turn out. OT: Yea I didn't plan on seeing this anyway. Knowing it's a cash-in for TV miniseries is...
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    No Right Answer: Worst Reboot Ever

    Congrats, Chris!! Speaking as a father of an almost 6 month old, there is nothing else like it (both good and bad). It will change your world forever, as I'm sure Dan could tell you. Best of luck to you.
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    The Big Picture: Why Robocop Still Rules

    Didn't see Robocop until much later in life...I had a dad who saw it and made sure my bro and I didn't until much later (how late...well I was able to go "Holy crap it's Foreman's dad from That 70's Show" wonder he always talks about kicking ass)...but even before I saw it, I knew Robocop...
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    Update 2: EA Dismisses Dungeon Keeper Mobile Criticism

    I know that, but I want him to take shots at this response. I have a feeling he'd have a lot to say about that. Not to mention, Jim bashing EA is the gift that keeps on giving.